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So You Have a Blog, Now What?

You’re writing the best and brightest blogs ever seen on the Internet, or so your friends and followers (all twenty or so) tell you. Now what?  You can stick with this level of exposure, especially if you personally promote your blog on every Yahoo group you belong to. Or, before your friends stop opening your e-mails, you can take another step into the world of extended connections.  Which means Twitter and Triberr.  But before you do any of this, you need to sit down and think about your privacy.

We all get into writing through a desire to share our thoughts and words with the world, but for the most part we want to do so from the privacy of our home, preferably while wearing our favorite ratty old sweats. When the big moment comes and we’re published or about to be published, one of several reactions can occur.  Many of us take either the deer-in-a-headlights or the come-on-boys-let’s-party reaction.  What happens next depends on how well we’ve prepared. I didn’t prepare as well as I should up front and I have to tell you the catch up has been murder.

Think about who you are, as both writer and non-writer.  Do you have a family, do you live a private life, and do you want that life to remain private?  Then consider not using the “where I am” function on your cell phone.  When you set up your author Facebook page do not hand out your street address and telephone number, hoping friends you haven’t talked to for years will get in touch. If they really want to communicate, Facebook has a great message system.

You will want to set up a Facebook page of you as an author, whether you write under your name or an alter ego.  On this page you will share writer stuff, not pictures of your latest rash, nor pictures of the front of your house complete with address.  Yes, there are stalkers out there and they can find you no matter what.  Still there’s no need to give them an engraved invitation.

We can share our lives without sharing our location.

You need to sign up to Twitter to take advantage of Triberr, which is the “casting your seed in fertile soil” step.  Twitter is pretty self-explanatory, and has a good basic guide.  MFRW has numerous files on using Twitter to help.  Is Twitter a pain in the rear?  Yeah, sometimes and I freely admit I don’t totally understand everything about it. I’m learning slowly, and next week we’ll do the dance of Tweet progression together.  Think about your personal choices as far as privacy, and have a great week.

The insanity that is NaNo is coming up.  You joining in?


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