Daily Archives: October 12, 2012

Life in New Mexico


Gwynyfyr inspects the nearly finished job

On Fridays, I’m going to be sharing photos and ramblings of living in New Mexico, and also of pulling my life together.  It’s coming into Winter so I have to move on getting the snow fence up to keep snow back from the house this year.  I started with Tom’s brother Larry helping to set the posts, then I got the wire up. Now I’ve added snow fencing and some barricades along the bottom so I’ll have areas to plant behind the wind break.  What’s left now is securing the snow fencing so it’s not so saggy, and adding a narrow gate down the long side.  I’m trying to use found material wherever possible.

Kinda saggy but getting there

marigold bud

marigold half opened

I planted late season marigolds in the old horse feeder and have enjoyed watching them grow from much closer than before.  This is a marigold just before it opens.  Pretty neat, huh?


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