When Good Recipes Go BAD

Catchy title but I can’t really blame the recipe for my own carelessness.  Or whatever the root of the problem might have been.  Seems I gave myself a mild case of food poisoning.  I tried a new variation on the Pork Green Chile Soup, this time using country ribs, cutting the meat from the bone and browning the bones in a separate pan, then adding the browned

It looked good at this stage

bones to the crock pot.  Everything went fine, but somewhere during the process I left something out to cool too long or didn’t do something right.  There’s a myriad of ways we can mess up with our food and I think I did all of them at once.

At any rate I was barely functioning on recipe Wednesday.  The dogs went in and out, I did some editing on a very late project, and I went in to work, sans the welcome home soup I’d hoped to take to Tim and Martha.  And, of course, no blog. The plan was to share my success story for a low carb brownie but that’s been put on hold.  Somehow even chocolate doesn’t sound appetizing.

I’ve started the soup again fresh and this time there won’t be any wandering off and leaving it out to cool while I get distracted.  I hope.  Though I’ve been taking a workshop with Angela Knight…deep breath while I deal with feeling like a squealy fan girl…and that’s got my mind racing through possibilities.  And I won’t let myself get too distracted with thoughts of a signing soon at the wonderful local grille for Teach Me To Forget and My Killer My Love.  Nor will I let my mind wander to plotting out another story…

Oh, dear, I might be a hopeless cause!

Promise, next Wednesday will be another yummy recipe day. In the meantime, cook safe.


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2 responses to “When Good Recipes Go BAD

  1. At least ruining a recipe isn’t your norm. Looking forward to seeing the new improved version.


  2. Food poisoning is yuck – and so easily done. Hope you’re feeling better


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