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Let’s Have Some Fun with Chicken Mole #YourTurnChallenge #MFRWAuthor

I mentioned to my FaceBook friend Jarnell Carter, who breeds incredible Afghan Hounds, that I had found a crock pot Chicken Mole. Since this is usually a labor intensive dish, he asked for the recipe. We’re waiting for a couple more days of snow, and the last

Boo, Biddy, Fire Dragon, snow times a few years ago

Boo, Biddy, Fire Dragon, snow times a few years ago

few blogs have dug pretty deep so let’s do something a bit more fun. I also have to reassure Boo and Fire Dragon that, no, I will not be getting an Afghan Hound puppy no matter how gorgeous they are…and yes they are.

Chicken Mole is a spicy dish combining chiles and chocolate. Yeah, that got your attention! You can tone back the heat or ramp it up, which is much of the fun of making it yourself instead of buying premade mole sauce. Hmm there should be an accent on that last ‘e’. Okay, just think Mo-lay and not ground burrowing rodent. Even if we are coming up to Groundhog’s day.

The original recipe is here: Slow Cooker Chicken Mole This particular recipe is not completely low carb, and I tend to work with what I have on hand, or what I like more. Since I made this last time snow was imminent I knew what I liked best. So I adjusted the recipe a bit.

1 large onion, chopped OR TWO SMALL/MEDIUM
1/2 cup raisins DID NOT HAVE, SO DIDN’T ADD, plus raisins are high carb
3 cloves garlic, chopped OR MORE
2 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds (optional) DID NOT USE
1 finely chopped canned chipotle chile in adobo sauce OH YUMMY…I didn’t have these for my first batch
3 tablespoons peanut butter A CUP SOUNDED BETTER
1 (28 ounce) can crushed tomatoes PLUS A BIT MORE i FOUND IN THE REFRIGERATOR
1 teaspoon sugar NOPE
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon MORE LIKE A TABLESPOON
1/2 teaspoon ground coriander DON’T HAVE, AND MY CILANTRO PLANT DIED
1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg YEAH ABOUT THIS MUCH MAYBE 1/4 TSP
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder HEAPING HALF CUP…IT’S CHOCOLATE
1 1/2 pounds skinless, boneless chicken breasts I GOT A GREAT BUY ON CHICKEN BREASTS SO I ADDED MORE LIKE 3.5 POUNDS. I’LL BE FREEZING A LOT OF MOLE

I also added the last of my Thai Lime Chile Cashews from Trader Joe’s. If I had more I’d probably have ground up a bunch, and used cashew butter instead of peanut butter. Maybe next time

After the sauce is blended, add chicken

After the sauce is blended, add chicken

Otherwise follow the recipe. It will be five or more hours before it’s ready so I’ll

Push the chicken into the sauce then close it up and let it cook.

Push the chicken into the sauce then close it up and let it cook.

probably have roasted veggies tonight. The sauce is already ultra yummy, can’t wait to try it after a long slow cooking!



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Mona’s Wondering Does anyone really like SPAM??

Royce William’s SPAM Can Collection

I’m not talking about the state meat of Hawaii, though I know some people can be really intense about this canned culinary treat. Research shows SPAM came onto the market in 1937, and has been enjoyed by a multitude of happy eaters ever since. I do remember SPAM sliced and fried, eaten in a white bread sandwich when I was running around in the woods pretending that big cardboard box was a fort, or pirate ship, or castle.

Hmm, haven’t had any SPAM in a long time, and doubt I will again. But that’s a personal choice, one I make when I walk past the canned meat section of the grocery store.  My husband loved corned beef hash but he wanted his meat to come out of a can (all of which were produced in Argentina according to the labels) instead of me starting with a slab of beef brisket and producing something home made.  Again a personal choice, which I was happy to fulfill, as long as he would occasionally try (gasp) herbs in the roasted chicken.

Which brings me to the point of this post, and many I’ve recently read.  In Rock Your Writing Cathy references several excellent articles on how writers can torpedo their careers by excessive promotional enthusiasm.  Wow, that was pretty PC, wasn’t it? When actually I want to say: writers obnoxiously shoving their books in my face every time I open my e-mail. To the point I’ve automatically deleted their posts then had to dig into my trash file when I discover they actually had an important message to share.

Naturally this trend isn’t exclusive to writers. While enjoying a Facebook group dedicated to a specific area of interest, or related to my breed of dog, one of the group members will post an announcement about their wonderful skin products. Once is okay.  Twice is irritating. Three times, sweet cheeks, is spam in my world and you have severed that

Beamer in the wildflowers

Beamer in the wildflowers

last nerve. Ditto when I’m looking at pictures of someone’s litter, checking the link to the pedigree, maybe commenting on something I really enjoy, such as a specific color I like, or markings that remind me of one of my old dogs. Along comes someone with pictures of THEIR puppies with markings they KNOW I’m going to love. Since I’ve already seen these pictures five times today, given that they’ve been showing these puppies on every possible Facebook page, they’ve essentially sucked the pleasure out of the minuscule amount of time I allot to Facebook these days.

And I can hear the whining now.  How can we possibly promote our wonderful book? Writers from small presses don’t have the advantages of writers with the big guys.  Yeah, I know.  I’m with a small press myself. And I’m also in groups such as Marketing For Romance Writers that work hard to help us learn how to effectively present our books.  None of us are born great writers, and the most effective marketers learned their skills from the experience of others.  Do your homework, let others help you learn, and spend that time you’ve been marketing on your next book.

That’s what I’ve been doing, and the sequel to My Killer My Love is coming along so well, I forgot to share recipes.  Tomorrow, I promise.  And this one’s really for the dogs.


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About Firsts

Since this is the first new years I’ll face alone in a long long time, I started thinking about other significant firsts. We all 013have them. First dates, first kiss, first…the list is endless. In keeping with my writing, I can reveal the first romance I read would have been a Romantic Suspense by Mary Stewart, possibly Airs Above The Ground and the first Historical Romance would have been Elswyth Thane’s Yankee Stranger. The common denominator being horses. Yeah, I was a horse crazy kid and it’s carried on throughout my life, though I had to make a choice between horses and dogs a few decades back since I could not do justice to both.
After the move to New Mexico, we had the space for a horse but not the resources, at least not right now. I’ve learned to enjoy them vicariously, through friends and blogs, and lots of wonderful Facebook pictures. Especially this picture, which shows a plethora of firsts.Melissa's Gelding

This is her first horse, and the gelding’s first person of his very own. How cool is that, and what great parents she has,to make so many dreams come true.

So we’ll move into this New Year with memories behind us and dreams in front.  I hope to follow this new couple through their journey together, and share a few more horse stories vicariously.


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Wednesday Prawns on the Barbie with Maggi Andersen

We’ve been dealing with serious cold winds here this week.  Had one day when the ‘lukis could all dash around for hours, otherwise it’s been put the dogs out, put the dogs in all day long.  How lucky Maggi is going to make brunch for us!

Thank you for inviting me to your blog, Mona.

Hi everyone,

I raise my teacup to you. I’m an inveterate tea drinker and have tried many exotic brands. I’ve settled on Rooibos for the moment, which is a healthy alternative, because I drink a lot!

But for brunch why not a glass or two of Champagne and orange juice and throw a prawn on the barbie?

Celebrating the release of Murder in Devon, I’ve prepared a simple, tasty, pre-lunch snack of lemon grass prawn sticks.

We Australians enjoy a hot – normally dry climate – although we’ve had a lot of rain and flooding in the last year. And we spend a lot of time out of doors, camping or at the beach, where we whip something up on the barbeque. We love our seafood. This is a recipe which can be made on the Webber barbecue or in the oven at home. I like this one, because it’s quick and easy for when guests drop by. I’m not a keen cook these days, as my husband and I are empty nesters. I’d rather spend time at the computer.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Plus marketing time

Cooking time: Barbeque setting 2 to 4 minutes

 4 sticks lemon grass

12 king prawns, shelled, tails left on


1 cup olive oil

2 bird’s eye chillies, seeded and finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, pressed

2.5cm piece ginger, peeled and grated

½ cup soy sauce

4 tablespoons fish sauce


Cut the lemon grass to make skewers. Skewer 3 prawns onto each stick.

Combine all the marinade ingredients.

Place skewered prawns into the marinade for ½ hour or more.

Cook on pre-heated grill for 2 minutes per side or until the flesh just turns white.

 We shall enjoy these with friends on our back verandah overlooking the stream at the bottom of the garden where wild ducks gather and a riotous flock of magnificent sulphur-crested cockatoos call from the trees. What could be nicer?

 Murder in Devon is out now at Black Opal Books


She wants the truth, but it may cost her more than she thinks…

An ex-patriot-American living in England, magazine reporter Casey Rowan wakes to find one best friend murdered and another seriously injured. Casey is determined to find the killer, despite running afoul of the detective in charge of the case—a blue-eyed Scot named Rod Carlisle, who considers her a prime suspect. As Casey gets closer to the truth, losing her heart to the sexy cop isn’t the only thing she risks. Now her life is danger, too.

He wants her, but he may have to choose between love and duty…

Rod has no patience with civilians who interfere in police matters, even hot little numbers like Casey. Though he tries to keep things professional, Casey’s beauty and spunk are hard to resist. He warns her that what she’s doing is dangerous, but he only succeeds in alienating her. She refuses to listen and goes off on her own with disastrous results. Now Rod’s in a race to find the killer before the woman he loves becomes the next victim.

Website: Maggi Andersen Author


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