About Firsts

Since this is the first new years I’ll face alone in a long long time, I started thinking about other significant firsts. We all 013have them. First dates, first kiss, first…the list is endless. In keeping with my writing, I can reveal the first romance I read would have been a Romantic Suspense by Mary Stewart, possibly Airs Above The Ground and the first Historical Romance would have been Elswyth Thane’s Yankee Stranger. The common denominator being horses. Yeah, I was a horse crazy kid and it’s carried on throughout my life, though I had to make a choice between horses and dogs a few decades back since I could not do justice to both.
After the move to New Mexico, we had the space for a horse but not the resources, at least not right now. I’ve learned to enjoy them vicariously, through friends and blogs, and lots of wonderful Facebook pictures. Especially this picture, which shows a plethora of firsts.Melissa's Gelding

This is her first horse, and the gelding’s first person of his very own. How cool is that, and what great parents she has,to make so many dreams come true.

So we’ll move into this New Year with memories behind us and dreams in front.  I hope to follow this new couple through their journey together, and share a few more horse stories vicariously.


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8 responses to “About Firsts

  1. dorannadurgin

    Mary Stewart was my first, too! I stumbled over someone else’s personal library. I was 16yo and had no idea it was any particular genre…just liked it!

    Happy first horse to that bright, smiling person!


  2. Sarah_Madison

    I read all the Mary Stewart stories–but like you, my first passion was horses. What a lovely experience that is for horse and rider to come together and know they are right for each other!
    I’m still riding, though no longer competing. And I know that I’m probably looking at my last horse now. But it’s enriched my life in so many ways!


  3. What a lovely little guy (and rider). Did she actually ride him like that? No saddle, no bit? Or is this just a pose for the picture?


  4. I’m sure this is just a happy-happy picture, look at the bow!


  5. You are right, we always remember the first….A ‘pony for christmas’ might be the ultimate romance. Thanks, I love this picture. It is a call to arms- Live the Dream! ( not for the hard hearted: http://www.horsenation.com/2012/12/17/6-videos-of-little-girls-totally-freaking-out-because-they-got-a-horse-for-christmas/ ) Happy New Year.


  6. dkhitch

    She loves her first horse but has a bad sprain and has a boot on her foot. She hasn’t been able to ride for 3 weeks. She has been doing some ground work but it’s killing her not to be able to ride.


    • Bummer! I had foot surgery when I was about 15. Ended up having to have my cast replaced then reinforced since I insisted on riding and my horse insisted on lying down in the creek. Oops. We don’t need to tell her!


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