As I Sit Here #MFRWAuthor

Hi, it looks like I’m back! Sharing some pictures and a few concerns.

We retired to a sort of remote area in a low population state. Although I know a pandemic rages throughout IMG_0944the world (who couldn’t know, whether they choose to believe or not?) it’s ‘out there’ and so far doesn’t directly affect me. I wear the mask, I isolate, and I take every precaution. Because New Mexico has a governor who believes in science, we were shut down early and hard. This hasn’t made everyone happy and some of the push back can be extreme but we were managing to hold the line. Until recently when the need to be ‘free’ overtook the need for caution and we had a wave of positive cases plus more deaths than were acceptable. And still we have those who refuse to admit they could be harming their friends and neighbors.

You can’t fix stupid and you can’t help those who won’t help themselves. But wouldn’t it be nice if they could take themselves and their ideas and stay AWAY from the rest of us?

Not a chance. I was on a ZOOM call with family in California. My nephew chooses to run with a mask on and he has been accosted by people ‘sharing’ data on why he should not be wearing a mask. I’ve had to listen to something similar while in the line for the grocery.  I certainly see the irony in people who want the ‘right’ not to mask telling others why they should not mask!

We dog people in New Mexico have missed so much that our friends in other states are experiencing. All activities in state owned facilities, with more than a limited number of people, have been cancelled. No dog shows, no Agility trials, no nothing. Same for private locations. So we wait. Some people travel out of state to compete and quarantine when they return. Such is our life right now, but we know better times are ahead!


Israfel and Fuego talking about what they’re going to do when we can go out again!

Stay well everyone, virtual high desert hugs.


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  1. Shane Kelley

    Wow how cool to be in New Mexico with salukis! What a lovely view! And you’ll have opportunities in the future, post corona, for all those activities plus open field coursing?! That’s awesome. I’m glad to read that you and yours are being careful and smart. Wishing you and all your family, on two and on four, a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!! Shane Kelley ________________________________


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