The Best Time is NOW #MFRWAuthor

My father died in June. He was coming up to 97 years, lived in an excellent assisted living


Dad as a cadet, long long ago!

facility. He’d been fading over the last few months so it didn’t come as a great surprise. A fall, a head injury,  breathing complications. With the Covid restrictions he had little contact outside the staff. He’d led a full life, career military, city zoning, large family. After Mom died he spent time with my oldest brother, playing on a train set in Tennessee.



Rick in front Dad on the caboose








Rick sure loved his trains. I remember finding a pottery train set at a thrift store, thinking it would look so cute in their house with little succulents. It sat in a bag in my house for…well, years.

We had a family ZOOM to celebrate Dad’s life and share some stories. Rick looked good sitting in his den with his wife. Really good. I almost mentioned that train set then thought it would be better as a surprise.

Last month I had an early morning phone call from my Texas brother. Rick had fallen, hit his head. It didn’t look good. Several hours later he was gone. Too young. Too freaking young. He had a granddaughter being born, a busy family he was so proud of. His health was on an upswing. But…gone.

That train set is out on the kitchen counter. Maybe I’ll get some succulents, maybe I’ll find someone else who is fond of trains. Time is moving faster every day. The best time is NOW to tell people you care. And to send them the silly gift you bought years ago.

IMG_20200812_235718097 (2)


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5 responses to “The Best Time is NOW #MFRWAuthor


    Grabbed the heartstrings and so very timely. Thanks for the reminder.

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  2. Stoner

    So true life is very short! Another day another night a week a month where does the time go? Before you know it your older. That’s why it’s so important to make time for yourself enjoy the time you have now before it’s gone,

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  3. Oh wow. Condolences.

    As it happens, peter’s brother died last week. He had health problems, it was unexpected. Except it was He died at home, in his sleep, a death we’d all wish for. But it’s hard for those left behind.

    Use your little train, keep it. It’s a tangible reminder of lives lost. Distant hugs.

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  4. Shame I can’t edit that. “It wasn’t unexpected. Except it was.”

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  5. We think we’re ready but we never really are. Hugs back, enjoy your beaches!

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