How to Keep YOURMom Happy: Advice from Israfel and Arielle #MFRWAuthor


I’m Israfel, and I’m gorgeous

OURMom is busy starting a new book. This means she’s putting flowers in pots and sweeping the floor while she talks to herself. We’re going to help by keeping her blog more current. I’m Israfel, I’m a Saluki. Salukis were bred to be beautiful and decorate the Pharaoh’s tent.

We’ve been with OURMom for almost a year. She’s taken us places so people can admire how beautiful and smart we are. She’s also taught us things so we can make her happy. If you want to make YOURMom or YOURDad happy, you need to learn these things.

If YOURMom puts things in pots where you can reach them, pull them back out. She likes you helping her garden.

DO go shopping in YOURMom’s purse. She wants you to know what she keeps there in case she needs you to find it for her later.

DO check out the countertops. She likes to know how tall you can be.

OH NO. NO NO NO NO. Who let Israfel near the computer? Sigh. I’m his sister, Arielle. He


I’m Arielle. My brother is an idiot

can’t help being kind of an idiot. It’s not his fault…he’s a boy, after all and everyone knows they grow up much slower than girls. Let me straighten him out.

Yes we are Salukis. Some Salukis might have lived with Pharaohs but many of them lived with people who herded and hunted all over the Middle East, pretty much from North Africa to Afghanistan. Salukis had a JOB and it wasn’t to be decorative. They hunted things that went very fast, so they had to be very fast. Being beautiful was a happy side effect!

As for my brother’s idiot advice I hope you realize he’s trying to cover up what he’s been doing? OURMom puts things in pots to be pretty, or maybe to grow so we can eat them. If she wants us to play with the plants, she pulls them out of the pots and throws them for us.

NEVER NEVER go in YOURMom’s purse. That is HER stuff. Israfel, don’t you remember what happened when we found her new brush? She was NOT happy with us.

Countertops are NOT for checking out. No wonder OURMom gets cranky with you…good grief!

DO trust YOURMom to have your best interests in mind. If she asks you to go into a new building or new vehicle, then go. She’s not going to let you be hurt. Ever. DO try to think before you snatch…that’s a hard one. Our toys are in our toy tote but sometimes we see something that is sooo tempting. But we’re trying!

We just went with OURMom in the motor home to a place far away. We met lots of new people and friend Susan gave us new collars. Susan’s collars


Purina has great yards for us to play in.

I think OURMom is going to write about that trip. It was loooong.

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