Inspiration…After the Fact #MFRWAuthor

A Question of Trust, the third Stormhaven story, is with Black Opal Books. In some ways it was the most difficult of the series to write. Mainly because I tried to use new technology without actually learning how. Scrivener and I are not yet friends. I’ll work on that

In the meantime, Lana and Adam meet and learn to trust. Lana in particular has problems with trust, starting from back when Sydney left with their father, and she stayed with their mother.

Lana is beautiful. Brown eyed blond with perfect features. She learned to survive in an ugly world, then uses those lessons to help the helpless, while convincing much of the world that she’s not much more than a money grubbing pretty face. If you remember, she was briefly married to Tyler Randolph. When she left Ty she took Mosby, his stallion which set up Sydney meeting Devin (A Question of Honor)

As I wrote Ty’s story (A Question of Faith) I wondered why Lana married him. Why did she leave him. Was she truly an amoral opportunist? Hmmmm. During one of the meetings at Stormhaven, Adam Roberts, a veteran, amputee, comes into the house with Devin, and the story started to grow.

As I was finishing edits, I heard this song:


Oh, yeah. My book had a song. And a blurb.

Lana Greene doesn’t care that most of the world sees her as avaricious and amoral. All the better for her to stand as a shield against those who would exploit the weaker. Until the day she comes up against a situation too difficult for her to handle on her own, and she has to reach out to her ex-husband.

Adam Roberts dedicated himself to keeping the world safe until his efforts took part of a leg and much of his self worth.. When Ty Randolph asks him to take on a simple escort he’s more than willing to help out his new friends.

But there is far more at stake than anyone realizes. Lana and Adam have to learn to trust themselves and each other to succeed in saving many innocent lives.

I’ll let you know when A Question of Trust is coming out. In the meantime, here’s a picture of the area around Stormhaven.


Hug your friends, call someone you haven’t talked to for a while. Our only guarantee is now.

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