There and Back Again…and Again #MFRWAuthor

So it looks like the hooligans have already told you about our trip. For them it was a first,Image may contain: Monica Stoner, smiling, standing but to the other ‘lukis in the motor home it was the annual pilgrimage to the Saluki National. I’ve attended most years since 1989…from California (flying or driving) then from New Mexico (driving). These last four years I was show chair (essentially show manager). Last as in nope I won’t be doing that again for a while! Hence the somewhat goofy expression!  That lovely dragon bag was made for me in appreciation of working to put on a great show.

You’re right, I’m not dressed to the nines. It was freaking hot, I was on the go for five days…I was dressed to work! My Fitbit had a great wonderful time, one day I logged 20,000 steps! Not so much since then but for the most part I’ve worked at the staying active thing.

And smiling. I try to smile a lot. Frowning is just exhausting!

The drive from home to there is 17-18 hours. Usually one eight hour day, one nine hour day. A lot of time to think along the way.


our favorite stopping spot…lots of wonderful people

Right now our world, our lives, face turmoil. Politics, Haters, Fanatics, Anti Breeders, new diseases, old diseases coming back, misguided fake rescues, well meaning people who just don’t ‘get’ why we do what we do.  How can I justify the time, money, effort spent driving those two days, staying those five days, and driving back?

Then I think of the unusually large number of children, from 2-3 years up to teenagers. All of them interested in the Saluki. Well raised, with wonderful parents. Great attitudes.


Trophy table

And I think of the cadre of adults who kept those children connected and entertained. Seminars, pizza parties, water balloon fights (1,000 balloons!!!) And…my drive became easier, if not shorter. My efforts, my costs…became worthwhile. For those five days we gathered in (mostly) harmony and love of our breed, and of each other. Salukis showed to various judges. Some won, some lost. All loved by their people, part of the family. Not only their personal family but also the large family of we who love and cherish this breed.

Yeah the budget took a hit. It does every year. But we did our bit to make the world just a little better. And isn’t that what life is all about?

Hug those close to you. Pick up the phone and call those far away. We have today. We hope for tomorrow.

And…sneak a bit of tasty goodie to your ‘lukis.

Oops, that was one of the four leggers sneaking in while I grabbed more coffee. Not a bad idea, though. Share something wonderful with your friends, four or two legged!


home again


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3 responses to “There and Back Again…and Again #MFRWAuthor

  1. Yep, grab that time with the groups that matter – people and puppies. They are a source of sanity and goodness in a world that is increasingly worrying.



    Mona, from all reports and photos and fb posts you “managed” an amazing week. As a lover of the breed, I thank you so very much and wish I could have been there in more than spirit. Love and hugs always!!


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