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Something a Little Different #MFRWAuthor

I have more discoveries to share…those so-called hacks that make my life easier. But I came across this blog today from several years ago and I really felt the need to share. Because, yeah, people WILL die today. They died yesterday and will die tomorrow.

From John Pavlovitz  Take a few minutes to read. I’ll be here when you get back

We can’t stop them from dying. We can possibly try to delay the inevitable. Sometimes. And sometimes death just casually strolls into our lives and rips away at our foundation.

What we can do now, today, is live the day we’re given. Love those we know and those we’re going to meet. Plant a tree, take a moment to look at the night sky. Greet a stranger, help a neighbor.

In my case I also need to leave the property and stay in touch with the world around me. Wow that’s a hard one to do sometimes.

sept sky

gathering clouds reminding me weather is on the way

Well it is a blustery late September day, a worthy representative of this month in New


C’mon MOM open the gate and LET”S GO

Mexico. I’ll leave you to your reading, while I go out with those wild creatures known as Saluki puppies to terrorize the bushes out in the big field.

Then maybe a quick trip to be around people and back to editing. Yes I am writing. Honest.




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Hacking Away at my Life…and Mole #MFRWAuthor

Apparently those things…either items or processes…that make our lives easier are known as ‘hacks’ which of course confuses me since for so long a ‘hack’ was someone who offered substandard quality. Now it’s something that makes our lives work better. Language is ever fluid.


September Skies in New Mexico…had to share

The Fitbit, of course! Ever since I started wearing one, it has kept me accountable for my own health. Not a bad thing at all. Too bad there’s not the same sort of reminder about sitting down to write as there is to get up and move around.

A friend who cares (actually the same one who pushed me into Fitbitting) told me about an ‘organizing our lives’ system which encourages us to be mindful of what we have. Hold it in our hands and decide if it’s something we need to keep or dispose of. Naturally I can’t remember the system she recommended, but I find when I make that extra effort to sort, to throw away, to put away, I feel…better. And any time something leaves my house for anywhere else, whether it’s to a thrift store or recycling, or into the trash, I feel more in control. If only just a little.

What else has been doing well for me? So many things, most from the advice of friends. Such as…the InstaPot. Yeah I’ve become a Pot-fanatic. Especially when it comes to Mole (now how the HECK do I add that accent so I’m not cooking up rodents??) Trust me I make it with chicken!

Everything you’ve heard about InstaPot…pretty much truth. It doesn’t leap tall buildings


In the pot, ready for the lid to clamp down and cook into yumminess

but it DOES cook great meals. Fast. Faster for sure than the crock pot and even tastier. Seriously.

You’re going to ask for a recipe, right? I’ve actually shared before, HERE

Let’s see what this recipe looks like. Mmmm. Mmm-Hmmm yeah that’s how I did it. Since I had invited a plethora of people to come visit the puppies (and my garden progress) I used five pounds of chicken breasts and pretty much tripled everything. Recipes such as this are fluid to me, I mostly concern myself with proportions. This time I found some fresh Cilantro at the grocery. Seems it did make a difference.

Tossed it all in the Insta Pot for one hour, since 45 minutes, had been more than enough for a smaller batch I’d made a couple weeks ago.

When it had finished the cool down, I opened up the pot and…not quite there. So I set it up again, for another half hour.

YES that worked. And since the group was smaller I was able to share take homes plus save some for me to enjoy for a while. Mole and eggs for breakfast anyone?


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A Question of Faith #MFRWHooks

One of the many advantages of working with Marketing for Romance Authors is the abundance of opportunities. Such as Book Hook Wednesdays.

I’m going to be in Newark over Monday and Tuesday but I bet I can get this done and posted in time…heck yeah I can! Even if I do it from the airport(s).

Since I’m finally back to work on A Question of Trust, I’m going to hook you on A Question of Faith. I had so much fun with this story, watching the smug Ty Randolph be knocked on his hunky butt by Rosalind Summerton, who just wants to get past a nasty time in the Middle East. Ty is so sure he knows all there is to know about women.

Cue hysterical laughter here, right? Check out Ty trying to pin Roz down

“You’ve never lost it all for a man?”
“Couldn’t see the reason to lose it all for a man. Could see wanting to share your life with someone, could see building something better from combining two lives than either side of the equation. Could never see forcing the issue. If it was meant to be, then it happened.”
“If it didn’t happen easily it wasn’t meant?”
“Not really. If it’s worth happening it’s definitely worth working toward and putting a lot of effort into. But if two pieces of a puzzle aren’t meant to fit together getting out a hammer to force the issue isn’t the answer.”
“What about trimming the edges so the pieces fit?”
“Forcing the fit? Nope, could never see it. Woman meets a man, he’s perfect except maybe he doesn’t go to the opera or would rather watch football than go for a walk with her. He’s not perfect, he’s not Mr. Right he’s just Mr Right Now, Mr. Almost Good Enough, Mr. I Can Fix This if I Try. If he’s the right man, he’ll want to make her happy and if going to the opera makes her happy, presto bingo, they go to the opera. Not every weekend, sometimes she goes by herself. Sometimes she watches football with him and sometimes she goes for a walk on her own. Because they are or should be two complete people who are better for being together, not two disparate beings who can’t function without being joined at the hip.”
“So not having found this ideal male who chooses to go to the opera with you, you’ve remained single?”
“Got it in one. Single, and not ragging on my husband or boyfriend or, heaven help me ‘life partner’ with my girl friends every time his back is turned.”
front cover final

I want to be Rosalind when I grow up.

A Question of Faith is available from Black Opal Books, and many other purveyors of fine literature.

Enjoy, and if you hop over to the link attached to the Book Hooks logo you can find even more exciting new authors.






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Those Best Laid Plans #MFRWAuthor


Good Morning World!

Yeah, those plans we all have, especially writers. Gonna write every day, blog on a regular schedule.  Be super productive, get two books done this year. It’s all doable, right?

Right?  Yeah, sure. For some people. Sometimes for me, just not right now.

I had some decent blogs planned. I was going to whine a little about the power going out for two days, due to a small twister taking out a bunch of poles…I think they said ten poles, which means a very large section of supported wire, gone.

I found out pretty  much by accident, my doctor retired, or at least left the practice. Finally I found a doctor who would LISTEN. Now I’ll have to find a new clinic.

Then when I was doing a raw food pickup my car wouldn’t start after I pumped in gas.

Sounds like a pretty sucky time, doesn’t it? Or does it?

That power outage? From a storm, and power was back on in thirty-six hours. We could drive maybe ten minutes in any direction for supplies, to visit a restaurant or get gas. Not long term, not caused by an attack or earthquake or catastrophic storm.

There are plenty of other clinics I can try, some closer to my house. We have a sufficient number of trained medical professionals here, in well stocked facilities that don’t leak or lose power, and don’t have patients crowding out the door.

Seems like my car has a problem with the air conditioning which overheated the engine. More a comfort than a safety issue.

I was invited to judge Salukis in Reno, so I had a great trip to a new town, met some wonderful new people.  Judged some fabulous dogs.

In other words, I’m at this time dealing with first world problems. I don’t have fires lighting up the skies around me, nor is a category 5 storm threatening and mine. I have to admit life does not suck

So what’s my excuse for not writing? I could point to the greatly improved exterior of the house. Or maybe the cleaner than before interior? I confess it’s difficult for me to work inside when outside tempts me with sun and unfinished project.

Truth is…well…this happened

Ariel Isra Shiri 2

photo by the so talented Shiri Hoshen

These two strode into my life, and things have yet to settle down. There is such a small window available to introduce new puppies to life, and I don’t want to miss any of it.

That is my story, I am sticking to it. Oh, I did briefly think about relocating A Question of Trust to Reno but…no, the atmosphere there is just too nice.


Israfel, contemplating a sunbeam





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