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Yes, The Loneliest Number #MFRWWriter

Catching up again..we’ve been to a dog show in Las Cruces, stayed at a trailer park, watched people with their fat dogs on Flexi Leads. I really need to talk about that but ya know I really want to go POSITIVE. And here’s a great opportunity, with a fabulous blog share from David Farland. Prefaced by a song from my younger days. Yes, I was younger once…geesh!

The blog? David Farland’s Blog talks about a similarity he has found in many great stories. Mainly, the protagonist is lonely. Check it out, it’s not long but wow what he’s packed into those few words.

Thinking about it, yeah, most good stories start with our main character facing a turning point in their lives which all too often have become lonely. Hmmm looking at my friend’s stories I  notice Jami Gray starts out her Kyn chronicles and PSY-IV stories with protagonists who have pulled away from human connections. Doranna Durgin brings an obsessively alone Kimmer on stage, determined to stay that way. Until along comes Rio.

Hmmm and yeah I’ve done it also. Doing it now in Question of Trust. Did it in Question of Honor and Question of Faith. I wonder how much, for me, has to do with how easy it is for me to eschew crowds (which often consist of more than myself and one other person.) Eschew…does that mean what my fingers say it means? Just checking and yes it does. Even more interesting, when I did that quick computer check, there was a suggestion to eschew obfuscation.

There’s a bit of silly for you. And here’s a silly picture of Israfel, practicing selfies.021

Bichok y’all. NaNo is coming up…should I try it again this year?

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