Let’s Make Sunday a Time for Feeling

DORANNA DURGIN reminded me of a singer who had been in the back of my mind while I indulged in sharing music I love. Most of these songs tell a story and when you follow a specific singer that story expands. What is a great song but setting a good story to wonderful music?

John Denver has been a particular favorite for a long, partially (or mostly) because he wasn’t afraid to expose himself to the world for his music. Such as his song to his wife. Here is a male who understood romance!

Singing about the life of a touring musician who has to leave the one he loves:

And his love affair with Colorado:

Yet a love song to West Virginia

All of these and more exposed John Denver as a complex man with strong convictions. Doesn’t listening to all these songs, one after another, just tickle your plotting nerves? Sure does mine.

We have a snowy week ahead of us. Moisture in any form is so welcome.

Hug the ones you love, two legged or four

Hug the ones you love, two legged or four

Happy Sunday




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2 responses to “Let’s Make Sunday a Time for Feeling

  1. Suzy

    When Bruce and I went mountain climbing in Colorado in 2001, we definitely took JD with us.

    We were with a group, so we didn’t listen to him as much as we would have liked, but you can’t spend time outdoors in Colorado without listening to Rocky Mountain High, Sunshine on My Shoulders, The Eagle and the Hawk, and so many others.

    I sure miss him.


    • I live south of Colorado but I wander that way a couple times of year and invariably will sing along with John Denver. Especially when I’m on an overpass and a hawk is flying right next to me


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