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Truth in Music…and Life

I do tend to wander through You Tube, or our extensive ‘old’ music collection. Heck Tom still had 45s! This was one of his favorite songs, not because of his upbringing, but because of the truth he saw in the words:

I enjoyed Harry Chapin, and the other singersĀ  At some point, while I soaked up the utter romanticism of songs from that era, this came to my attention:

So much beauty and truth in music.

Money and Success and Fame are wonderful but your children need you NOW.



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Do You Remember…

Are you of an age to remember folk singers who poured their souls out to expose what they saw as issues we all needed to recognize? I’m feeling kind of nostalgic tonight and wanted to share some memories from those long ago years.

This concert was in 1986.

Even earlier, Peter, Paul, and Mary gave us this song Bob Dylan wrote in 1963:

The same song in a duo, 1983

More than thirty years ago. Thirty. Years.

Seriously…how many more years will it take?


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