Another Gem from Seth’s Blog

From Seth Godin’s blog: ***It’s pretty common for successful people to imagine that their success is solely the result of merit. It’s more satisfying than pointing to all the external factors that have contributed to that success. The trap is in being satisfied. Satisfaction in their meritocracy causes companies, industries and cultures to calcify, to harden themselves against new ideas and new people.***

The complete blog is here: Meritocracy

Does that hit home with you? I’ve certainly encountered it, in many facets of my life. Authors claiming their book was picked up by an editor because it was the best book ever written. Even though the editor was wanting to fill a slot with shape shifting bats, and this was the most appealing shape shifting bat story on their desk.

It’s especially trying when someone gets in your face about winning over you when the truth is something far more subtle than one person is “better” than another. We have the choice of snapping back at them, or just congratulating them and moving on. The moving on does sometimes offer a feeling of superiority, doesn’t it?

Well the sun is shining on last night’s snow and it’s going to be a gorgeous day. I just wanted to share this with you before I trekked out.

Now where did we bury that toy?

Now where did we bury that toy?

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  1. dorannadurgin

    Must. Writer Bat. Shapeshifter story.


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