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A New Perspective for a New Year #MFRWAuthor

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It’s all about perspective. Seriously. One man’s trash??

And it’s sometimes just how and where we focus. We can look for the amazing and spectacular or we can look for the mundane, in any situation. I’ve attended school recitals with people who did nothing but criticize and mock the children’s efforts, and also with those who was simply there to enjoy the evening. Who would have been more fun as an evening companion?

How many of us have known photographers and artists who see brilliance in a snow laden branch, a forest in the twilight, or a branch 006slanted across their path?  Books about ordinary people going about their ordinary lives are never considered successful until an author illuminates the inherent dignity or exposes the raw truth about existing in a grim environment. Geniuses one and all for their ability to show us beauty in the mundane.


Just a bit of ice on a weed

Is this ability inherent? I used to think so. I once believed only geniuses, those born with innate talent, would be able to see these marvels. Which would then mean only geniuses could write marvelous books and only geniuses could find and capture those special moments. The best the rest of us can do is mediocre pap. Then I realized I was too busy throwing fences between myself and the world to see the potential rich beauty all around me.

I was also missing out the major component to success in any field, be it painting, writing, riding. Work. Plain and simple you have to work for success. Yeah, I know, truth isn’t very glamorous. With work we develop our eye and our mind to find and reveal the beautiful in our world.

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