Secret Santa Blog Hop Final Answer

Secret Santa Blog Hop Day TwoSo I borrowed from daytime television games. Heck, I’ve been borrowing Mr Hot for three days now! We’re coming down to the wire on the fabulous grand prize Secret Santa Blog Hop.  Don’t forget to check out Blog Central for more entries in the drawing for a Kindle Fire.  And don’t forget to be VERY sure your entries are acknowledged!008

On with the final steps for vanilla extract.  We left off with the sliced and cut vanilla beans in their containers, waiting for the Piece de Resistance:  The vodka.

I generally pour with my right hand but I needed that hand to click the camera button (are there any left handed cameras???)  You want to fill up those 010containers so you cover the beans.  Seal up the container, give it a shake, then put it away in a dark place for at least a month.  Pull it out from time to time to give it another shake.  Soon you’ll have rich yummy pure vanilla extract.

You might wonder if this really works, or am I just spinning another fable.  Here’s proof: after less than 24 hours the vodka has begun to pull color (and flavor!) from the vanilla beans.  Sure wish my stories would work that fast!021

If you go into a spate of cooking, or use it up in some other fashion, just add more vodka, rum, cognac, whatever,shake and let it set again for about a week.  In maybe six months you’ll want to pour off the liquid into another container, let the vanilla pods dry, cut them up, and add them to a canister of sugar, for vanilla sugar.  Now doesn’t that sounds just sooo gourmet???

So, for the final QUESTION:  Hmmm, what could it be??? Ah, here you go: In My Killer My Love what was the name of the Overlords who tried to control Mykhael and Kendra?

Just so you know, no one has gotten yesterday’s question right yet. Oops.  Everyone got Baron’s name right!

Since it is the season, and I’m really want to spread the love, if you haven’t read one or either of my books, I’m going to do an e-book gift, in addition to the gift card. Just let me know if you’re interested in being part of that drawing.  You can send a private message to

Don’t forget to hit Blog Hop Central to gather up lots of chances for those prizes, and that’s here: From Tabitha’s blog you can hop out to the other participants, for even more chances.  Just one more day!

Tomorrow (Thursday December 19) I’m going to do another “Next Big Thing,” this time an erotic novella sequel to My Killer My Love.  Stop by and let me know how it’s sounding to you.


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14 responses to “Secret Santa Blog Hop Final Answer

  1. Linda Pocurull

    a sequel…YES…can’t wait.


  2. Beckey

    Atrahasis (this is a guess from reading the synopsis but I will be purchasing later today..)
    Your a new to me author …



  3. Trix

    They are the Atrahasis!


  4. Well I’m just popping in to say hi. Have a wonderful Christmas. Oh and that was interesting about the vanilla beans.
    seawitchreviews at yahoo dot com


  5. Shadow

    The answer is the Atrahasis! 😉 Thanks!


  6. Atrahasis. And Gabriel and Mykhael are 1/2 brothers.


  7. Just popping by as I visit my fellow Secret Santa fellow bloghoppers. This recipe looks delicious. Have a Happy (and Merry) Christmas.


  8. brbalways

    Love the vanilla extract!! Wonderful! Have a merry Christmas!
    I follow via email


  9. bn1001

    I like vanilla.


  10. The Atrahasis are immortal overlords of the sacred places in the universe. I don’t have any of your books yet, but they are on my wishlist.

    Your vanilla recipe sounds like a winner. I usually try to use Mexican vanilla, but can’t always find it, so this gives me another option.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at


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