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Friday Linky-Links and A Winner

Not that I’m going to be doing links every Friday but it seems like a good day to make suggestions on interesting blogs.  006Especially since the yards are a sheet of ice and the dogs are going goofy.

First off, Kristen Lamb has gone to the silly side in her last two blogs: End of the World as we Know it and Holiday Spirit

These are both put down your coffee before reading posts.  Just want to warn you!

This time of year leads me to wax philosophical, and I’ve gone slightly nuts with chapter blogs.  On LERA I’m recalling that wonderful prose poem I heard when I was young (yeah, I was young at one time!) Desiderata and on the Orange County blog, Does Anybody Care it’s all about grammar rules and what readers really want.

The winner of a Gift Certificate of their choice is TRIX.  I’ve send you a private message

I’ve not yet received any requests to be in a drawing for an e-copy of one of my books.

Have a great weekend and don’t miss an opportunity to say “I Love You.” Except maybe to the cashier at Wal Mart, unless you really do.


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