Daily Archives: December 2, 2012

Fun On The Run

People sometimes ask what in the world can be done with these skinny dogs. Other than run them around the show ring, or push them off the couch when we want to sit down.   Both of which have some merit but don’t make for great long term activities.   Not to mention they don’t make our ‘lukis real happy to be around us.

When it comes to having fun, nothing pleases a Saluki more than running.  Given the competitive nature of humans, nothing pleases us more than running our Salukis against each other.  To help organize their running, hard working people get together to hold a Lure Trial, where, honest, the dogs chase after plastic bags. Yeah, I had my doubts but from how the critters act, it’s obvious a good time is had by all.


And when they come home, they sleep very soundly, and dream of running the fields…or surfing the counters.



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