To Blog or Not To Blog

That shouldn’t be a question.  The blog is an author’s link to readers, above and beyond their books.  I’m sure some writers will get by just fine without blogging, but I don’t want to be relying on word of mouth for books published by a small press.  Do you?

Right.  So, what should we blog about?  From what I remember the original definition of “Blog” was a Web Log, or on line journal.  Obviously it has expanded since then, into everything from a step by step reveal of some people’s lives to dissertations on how to do anything and everything.  For the purpose of a writer’s blog, you want to think about what you’re going to put on the page before you begin.

If you are guest blogging, you will need to follow the parameters of your host.  Some request a blog based on the writing craft, some a blog with no promotion.  For example, the “cost of admission” to blog with Mona is a recipe. Unless you are a certified expert, you don’t want to be writing a “how to” blog.  If you notice, what I’m doing is sharing what I’ve learned, along with the links I’ve found to be helpful.

It only seems like we’re lost

For instance, there’s Kristen Lamb’s book “Are You There Blog, It’s Me Writer,” an excellent primer in social media.  And I found a knock out website recently: For Bloggers By Bloggers with articles such as “Your Blog is Boring Because You Suck At It.”  How inspiring does that sound??  And one more resource, Author Media, which has even more information on establishing your author platform, sooner rather than later.

If you have an other great links or resources please share.  Orange County Chapter of RWA has a great slogan “On Hand Reaching Forward, One Hand Reaching Back,” illustrating how much further we all will go when we work together.

We are NOT alone.

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  1. arnorris

    Great post! It’s very true, you need to build a blog to match your expertise, interest, and who/what you want to be known as. When I first started my blog I was all over the place: book/movie reviews, writing tips/tricks, journal entry type posts, and all sorts of goofy things that was either too much for a newbie like me to handle or things I wasn’t good at. I finally found my rhythm and it’s more enjoyable. I actually have fun with it now instead of feeling pressurized to think of something “inspirational” or “profound.”.


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