Mona and the Young’uns

On Mary Keith’s wonderful business blog, today I’m selling out talking about the young people in my life. In particular my scary brilliant nieces and nephews, and the young writers I’ve met this past couple years.  The link is Mary Keith’s blog and if you happen to be coming to this late, it will be the blog for September 26, 2012.  Thanks Mary!

I’m thinking about a contest for the greatest time sucker of all. I thought it was Facebook, then Twitter.  But I find I was sooo wrong.  I’d been looking for some photos I took long ago to use on Pinterest to show some of the inspirations behind my books.  Lo and behold, I found them while taking those baby steps I need to help rework my life.  And I dropped in to Mona’s Pinterest Pages for “just a few minutes.”  As if that would ever be enough.  So my eyes are bloodshot and I’m mainlining Komodo Dragon Starbucks, but the pages are started. Drop on over if you get a minute.

And if you wondering if those photos were worth the time I spent looking, here’s a small hint.  I met this man many years ago and was honestly impressed by his intelligence and kindness as well as the more obvious attributes.


And when you’re done inpecting this inspiration, there’s some great writer advice going on at Kristen Lamb’s Blog

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