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When Writers Succumb to Chain Letters

You remember those multi generation reproductions you’d get in the mail?? Send something to the name at the top of

Jason, just ’cause it’s a cool picture. By L Trenholm

the list, add your name to the bottom of the list, and in only 90 days you would be inundated with recipes/poems/dollar bills.  Uh-huh.  Well Greta van der Rol,  of the amazing space operas tagged me in a blog challenge. The idea is to find the first instance of the word ‘look’ in your current WIP and post the surrounding paragraphs.  She has an excerpt from her new book, paranormal instead of space, which centers around tigers.  I am definitely looking forward to that read! Just so happens I was working on the “vengeance or redemption” story when that challenge came in, and doggonit if “look” wasn’t right there in the first page.

***At first glance there wasn’t much change to the town itself.  Maybe a new stop light or two but still on street slanted parking.  What had been quaint or charming when she had first arrived years ago as a confused young orphan was now just tired.  A closer LOOK showed peeling paint, potholed streets and too many shops with blank windows.    Willow Springs was a city on the downhill slide.  If ever a town needed an economic boost, she was driving down that street.***

Hmmm, and looking now I found the part that was bothering me so I could drop in a quick edit.  Thanks, Greta!  So now I’ll tag a few victims of my own, and give people an opportunity to meet some exciting new writers.

Jami Gray

Jennifer Moss

Zrinka Jelic

Alyssa Lyons

Piper Shelly


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