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The Right Hand Giveth

Since February 22, when Black Opal Books asked if I wanted them to publish My Killer My Love, life has been a roller coaster.  Incredible highs. Deplorable lows.  And I wondered whatever happened to my former  ordinary life.  Well, as ordinary as a life spent in a whirlwind of club activities, traveling, going to dog shows can be.

In the midst of edits, cover art, promotion and all things new book, I jumped in on the deep end with writing sprints, on line classes, and contest judging.  Life was manic but life was wonderful.  One of our favored dogs sired a lovely litter, my husband had more recognition for his artwork, and we had some really nice wins at dog shows.  Mountaintop highs.

Then last Saturday I noticed a new glow to my husband’s face, and by late Sunday he was beginning to look like an extra for the Simpsons.  Jaundice.  Since he is diabetic with some pretty severe kidney issues, we pay a lot of attention to these kind of symptoms, and he was calling his diabetes doctor early Monday morning. Deep valley lows.

Last week was spent going to doctors, to labs, to clinics where he could be poked and prodded and scanned.  He got progressively brighter and progressively weaker, and we finally got him admitted to the hospital yesterday.  Seems we had to see a specialist who wasn’t available right away.  When we finally got in, they said – “He’s really sick”  YA THINK???  They made noises about doing the necessary extra tests on an outpatient basis but then agreed he needed to be somewhere with a fluid drip in his arm.

Yesterday, while sitting by his bed in the emergency room willing the drip to go into his arm faster, I heard him telling the lab tech “My wife’s book is coming out this week.”  Which was the brightest light in the gloom.

At this point his condition is serious but not dire though I’m told recovery won’t be immediate.  While we were getting through last week, I was more involved in making sure he drank water frequently, in small amounts, than checking on whether or not my name had appeared on Amazon.  Since this doesn’t happen until your book is released, and my release wasn’t for several days, it was just a silly game. Until this morning, when I typed in Mona(space) Kar and saw the last two letter fill in.  I thought my cover was pretty before, it ROCKS on a bookshelf, virtual or not.

It looks like I’m outed all over the place.







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