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It’s All About the Characters

Recently someone commented on my love scenes.  Actually a fellow writer told me if she could write love scenes the way I do, she wouldn’t mind writing them.  This got me to thinking, once I got over the glow of her praise (okay, not over that yet but I’m functioning again).  My love scenes for the most part grow from my fantasies.  Who wouldn’t want to be seduced physically and mentally by a gorgeous immortal?

Well, maybe a very independent minded woman who was afraid to have her body and/or mind invaded wouldn’t enjoy that sort of seduction.  For that woman, the fantasy would be a man who encouraged her to reach out and seduce him.

Then I realized it really was about the characters.  Kendra is a complex mixture of her heritage, her family, and her experiences with men in the past.  For the most part, she sees little reason to interact with them, and certainly no reason to get physically close.  Mykhael awakens not only her inherited powers but also her deeply buried sensuality.  By the same token, Kendra draws out the tenderness Mykhael fears his centuries as an immortal enforcer had destroyed.

My Killer My Love will be out in OMG less than a month.

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I wouldn’t say I’m a fashion nightmare though my mother might have argued otherwise. In spite of charm school and teen modeling classes I wore heels only under protest and kept makeup as far as possible from my face. Even so, I know to dress respectably for work and conferences, and my wardrobe includes apparel for most events.
None of this prepared me for modern fashion.  It took Stephanie Plum to introduce me to Doc Martens since my small collection of shoes consisted of one pair of wedge heels, two pairs of sandals, and 5-6 pairs of running shoes of one sort or another.  The only boots ever on my feet were for riding horses or walking in snow.  People actually paid THAT MUCH for boots just to tromp around town?
Needless to say, my characters don’t dress in designer labels.  For the most part, bless their hearts, they don’t know much about designer labels. When I put them into nice clothes, they choose a nice design and not a name brand.  None of which prepared me for the clothes my people would need if they ever went to an upscale club, or maybe visited with the local Queene of the Fay.
Fortunately Martha Doster saved the day, the same as she saved my complexion last year.  Martha had a lotions and potions shop in the Nob Hill area of Albuquerque for years.  When circumstances led her to close the brick and mortar store and go virtual ( she ended up just two rooms away from my office.  One look at my poor face and hands and she took me under her wing. I’m going to have her answer some questions about how we can have conference worthy complexions even when we don’t spend hours on face care for a future blog.  Oh, and for those who have never been into an adult toy store, Martha’s adult section will show you enough to use in your books while sparing your personal blushes.
Getting back to fashion, Martha still receives catalogs from her suppliers.  One day Leg Avenue’s catalog came in.  Their website is:, I recommend NOT opening this at work or around your youngsters.  What an eye opener for me – so that’s what “other women” wear under their suits.  Whudda thunk it? And don’t miss the sexy costumes section, it’s inspirational for your good girl trying to go bad stories.


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When our worlds collide

This last weekend I indulged in one of my “other lives,” driving to Wichita for dog shows, the Art Show at the Dog Show:

Where my husband Tom had three pieces exhibited, and a reunion with several of the wonderful people who have puppies from our last litter.!/album.php?fbid=10150158858694861&id=781589860&aid=305530

No Internet access in the campground so I was isolated from much of the writing world.  On the first day of showing,  while I was showing the ring steward (they coordinate who goes where for the judge) asked my husband if I wrote books.  Turns out she was a fellow romance writer, Julie Stade.  We were off and running about favorite books, our own writing progress, book covers (have I mentioned I love mine?) and how difficult it can be sometimes to balance our lives with so many demands on our time.

I think this would qualify for a small world department message, don’t you?

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The Cover!

My beautiful cover, put together by Pepper Norris

Seems like the cover has been everywhere but here


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Spreading the Word

Looks like I’m in two places at once today, how cool is that?  Word Wranglers shared our interview:

Plus Heroines With Hearts opened up their garden to let me rant a bit about my confusing over modern life for writers

I can’t say enough times how supportive women writers are.  I can think of many other groups that could take a LARGE lesson from how we treat each other.

Virtual hugs and bon bons

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