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Looking our best for the signings

Martha Doster replied to the earlier post mentioning her lotions and potions. I’m going to put her answer in here so more people can see it.  We spend so much time rushing around, cramming our time with word counts and day to day life, we forget about skin care until it’s time to leave the house.  Living in a dry climate makes it even worse!  So here’s Martha to the rescue. Again.

Hi, Mona – thanks so much for your kind words about me! I love the idea of using all resources at hand as inspiration for your craft. I am in awe of anyone who deftly puts pen to paper.
Just a few words if I may re: quick tips for getting your skin to be radiant for your oh-so-popular book-signings –
*no harsh soaps – use softer glycerin soaps with added complexion savers like Shea butter, milk, oatmeal, or liquid cleansers without alcohol (have you tried the White Tea Shower Lotion?)http://marthasbodybueno.com/Shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=5&sort=20a&page=3;
*use all-natural ingredients for moisturizing – NO mineral oil derivitives. I know you love my pure Unrefined Avocado Oil, & it is the perfect all-in-one product when hurried, but stop using the Extreme Foot Butter on your hands! My new Extreme Gardener’s Hand Cream is similar but lighter for working (read typing) hands.
Let me know if you’d like more tips!
*p.s. as for the “naughty wink-wink” section of my website (http://marthasbodybueno.com/Shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=12&zenid=8a985c69b4cebe82417559d2158722e6), if any of your readers want further info on specific items, just direct me as to how to do that!

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