I wouldn’t say I’m a fashion nightmare though my mother might have argued otherwise. In spite of charm school and teen modeling classes I wore heels only under protest and kept makeup as far as possible from my face. Even so, I know to dress respectably for work and conferences, and my wardrobe includes apparel for most events.
None of this prepared me for modern fashion.  It took Stephanie Plum to introduce me to Doc Martens since my small collection of shoes consisted of one pair of wedge heels, two pairs of sandals, and 5-6 pairs of running shoes of one sort or another.  The only boots ever on my feet were for riding horses or walking in snow.  People actually paid THAT MUCH for boots just to tromp around town?
Needless to say, my characters don’t dress in designer labels.  For the most part, bless their hearts, they don’t know much about designer labels. When I put them into nice clothes, they choose a nice design and not a name brand.  None of which prepared me for the clothes my people would need if they ever went to an upscale club, or maybe visited with the local Queene of the Fay.
Fortunately Martha Doster saved the day, the same as she saved my complexion last year.  Martha had a lotions and potions shop in the Nob Hill area of Albuquerque for years.  When circumstances led her to close the brick and mortar store and go virtual (http://www.marthasbodybueno.com) she ended up just two rooms away from my office.  One look at my poor face and hands and she took me under her wing. I’m going to have her answer some questions about how we can have conference worthy complexions even when we don’t spend hours on face care for a future blog.  Oh, and for those who have never been into an adult toy store, Martha’s adult section will show you enough to use in your books while sparing your personal blushes.
Getting back to fashion, Martha still receives catalogs from her suppliers.  One day Leg Avenue’s catalog came in.  Their website is: http://www.lingeriediva.com/leg-avenue, I recommend NOT opening this at work or around your youngsters.  What an eye opener for me – so that’s what “other women” wear under their suits.  Whudda thunk it? And don’t miss the sexy costumes section, it’s inspirational for your good girl trying to go bad stories.


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  1. I have a weird sense of personal fashion, eclectic might be a better way to describe it – but I can say that everything I learned about fashion fashion I learned from my two daughters and TV. I think book learnin’ might be fun too!


  2. Having no daughters to keep me updated, I’m forced to rely on books and friends. Michelle Thorne can’t understand how we could be friends when I can be in and out of a shoe store in ten minutes, with two new pairs of shoes


  3. Hi Mona. Nice post. It’s amazing how our characters can drive us to “need to know or understand” certain things and how other writer’s characters can teach us about things! I’d say you’re super lucky to have Martha two doors down! Jordan http://www.evaprim.com


  4. Hi, Mona – thanks so much for your kind words about me! I love the idea of using all resources at hand as inspiration for your craft. I am in awe of anyone who deftly puts pen to paper.
    Just a few words if I may re: quick tips for getting your skin to be radiant for your oh-so-popular book-signings –
    *no harsh soaps – use softer glycerin soaps with added complexion savers like Shea butter, milk, oatmeal, or liquid cleansers without alcohol (have you tried the White Tea Shower Lotion?)http://marthasbodybueno.com/Shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=5&sort=20a&page=3;
    *use all-natural ingredients for moisturizing – NO mineral oil derivitives. I know you love my pure Unrefined Avocado Oil, & it is the perfect all-in-one product when hurried, but stop using the Extreme Foot Butter on your hands! My new Extreme Gardener’s Hand Cream is similar but lighter for working (read typing) hands.
    Let me know if you’d like more tips!
    *p.s. as for the “naughty wink-wink” section of my website (http://marthasbodybueno.com/Shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=12&zenid=8a985c69b4cebe82417559d2158722e6), if any of your readers want further info on specific items, just direct me as to how to do that!


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