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It’s All About the Characters

Recently someone commented on my love scenes.  Actually a fellow writer told me if she could write love scenes the way I do, she wouldn’t mind writing them.  This got me to thinking, once I got over the glow of her praise (okay, not over that yet but I’m functioning again).  My love scenes for the most part grow from my fantasies.  Who wouldn’t want to be seduced physically and mentally by a gorgeous immortal?

Well, maybe a very independent minded woman who was afraid to have her body and/or mind invaded wouldn’t enjoy that sort of seduction.  For that woman, the fantasy would be a man who encouraged her to reach out and seduce him.

Then I realized it really was about the characters.  Kendra is a complex mixture of her heritage, her family, and her experiences with men in the past.  For the most part, she sees little reason to interact with them, and certainly no reason to get physically close.  Mykhael awakens not only her inherited powers but also her deeply buried sensuality.  By the same token, Kendra draws out the tenderness Mykhael fears his centuries as an immortal enforcer had destroyed.

My Killer My Love will be out in OMG less than a month.

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