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When our worlds collide

This last weekend I indulged in one of my “other lives,” driving to Wichita for dog shows, the Art Show at the Dog Show:


Where my husband Tom had three pieces exhibited, and a reunion with several of the wonderful people who have puppies from our last litter.


No Internet access in the campground so I was isolated from much of the writing world.  On the first day of showing,  while I was showing the ring steward (they coordinate who goes where for the judge) asked my husband if I wrote books.  Turns out she was a fellow romance writer, Julie Stade.  We were off and running about favorite books, our own writing progress, book covers (have I mentioned I love mine?) and how difficult it can be sometimes to balance our lives with so many demands on our time.

I think this would qualify for a small world department message, don’t you?

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