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A Question of Trust COVER #MFRWAuthor

This post has been a long time coming, mainly because this book has moved at glacial speed. Trying to experiment with ‘writing aids’ just knocked me for a loop. But it’s DONE and I’m going through the galleys so it is HAPPENING.

You may have noticed the kinda bland (BLAH) cover I put together as a place holder. front coverThis week Jack the fabulous cover artist sent me something that…well, what do you think?

Yeah, that’s kind of how I felt when I opened that email. Jack said marketing wanted a cover that was “a bit more suggestive…Spicy, but not crude.” I think he got it first try!

A Question of Trust is the story of Adam Roberts and Lana Greene. If you remember, Adam carried Rosalind out of that hellacious desert camp, pretty much in the nick of time. Lana is Sydney’s sister…yeah, the woman Ty Randolph was married to for a short time who left Ty, taking the horse, truck, trailer. What an evil woman, right?

Pretty much someone we could all love to hate. Except…why? Why did she run off with the horse? Rosalind asked this in A Question of Faith . Up until then Ty was so consumed with bitterness he never bothered to ask, he just shut himself down emotionally. Until Rosalind blew into his life and knocked him on his gorgeous but supercilious rear.

Lana always had a reason for what she did. She had to keep her reason secret, let people think she was amoral and grasping and greedy, whatever it took to get the job done. Until she hit a point where she had to reach out for help. The one place she knew she could depend on was Stormhaven, where the code of honor was absolute.


Lana Greene doesn’t care that most of the world sees her as avaricious and amoral. All the better for her to stand as a shield against those who would exploit the weaker. Until the day she comes up against a situation too difficult for her to handle on her own, and she has to reach out to her ex-husband, Ty Randolph, owner of Stormhaven Ranch.

Adam Roberts dedicated himself to keeping the world safe—until his efforts took part of a leg and much of his self-worth. Recuperating at Stormhaven—a remote ranch, where the main concern is helping out vets—he jumps at the chance to assist his new friends when Ty asks him to take on an escort mission.

But there is far more at stake than anyone realizes—including a number of innocent lives. And Lana is in way over her head. Now she and Adam must learn to trust themselves—and each other—fast, if they are to have any chance of saving innocent lives

Oh yeah, Lana’s a heroine, and she’s found herself a true hero. A Question of Trust is scheduled to release October 6, from Black Opal Books

For the month of September, A Question of Honor , the first Stormhaven Love Story, is available through Amazon Kindle for just .99.



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Squealy Fan Girl Moment–Alice Duncan #MFRWAuthor

I love sharing authors with people who might not know them. Makes me feel good and One Bright Morning (n/a Book 2) by [Duncan, Alice]helps all of us. Alice and I go way, way back. Before either of us was published (she long before I did) we would meet at Bearly Used Books as critique partners. I’d have a chapter to share, she’d have most of a book. One of those books became a Golden Heart finalist, and was her first book published, One Bright Morning

Over achiever much? You betcha. She admitted she was driven to become published. Even more than that, these were GOOD books. Mostly historical, well researched, elegantly written, often described as ‘literary’… she prefers a comparison to writers such as Bret Harte. Either would of course cause a problem in a world of more modern writing. After a stint of writing historical romances she turned to more mysteries. Historical of course. In particular Pasadena in the early 20th century. Did you know Pasadena was the place to be if you were in the film industry? Yup. Alice wrote about that in Cowboy for Hire

The Daisy Gumm Majesty Boxset (Three Complete Cozy Mystery Novels in One): Historical Mystery (Daisy Gumm Majesty Mystery) by [Duncan, Alice]Alice has written so many excellent books you can easily depend on her for many days of snuggling up with a cup of tea and a story on a winter’s day. Heck, you could spend a month enjoying the intrepid fake medium Daisy Gumm Majesty. You heard me right, a fake medium, who gets herself involved in the real problems of her clients. Add in a family that would drive any sane person around the bend, with a bit of pathos for her young husband, injured in The Great War, and you have a series of never ending enjoyment.

Even better, you can get your start with A set of the first three for only .99!

When not writing, or tending her roses, Alice is involved in her true love, Dachshunds.Image may contain: dog and indoor For years she has opened her home and heart to these fiercely loyal but frankly kinda silly- looking dogs. Yes, that’s her reading the Sunday comics to the pack. Most if not all of her wiener dogs through the years have been rescues. So glad for them there are people like Alice

If you want to see what she looks like without the newspaper shield, check out her very clever website Alice Duncan’s website Here you’ll also find ALL her books under ALL her names.

Happy Reading!


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What Shape is our Shape in? #MFRWAuthor

When I first thought about sharing my shapewear experiences,  I had in mind some humor, some pathos, something along the lines of the great brassiere debacle. Which I thought I’d shared here, hmmmm. I’ll have to hunt it up and share later. More musings


serious thoughts

on living larger than life size.

As far as the shapewear. I had a prestigious judging assignment on the east coast, and I wanted to look as good as I possibly could. Which meant maybe not quite so large? A bit more svelte? Less opera star, more pop star? Well maybe not THAT much of a change but just something…better.

An ad came up on FaceBook (good ol’ FB) for this miracle shapewear. I saw a multitude of full bodied women pulling on these wonder garments, smiling the whole time at how much nicer they looked. “Never Rolls Down,” the ads said. “Look the way you’ve always wanted to look.

Well, okay. I checked the size charts and {{sigh}} my measurements were a bit more generous than their largest size. Still, nothing ventured, right? Right. I sent off the order and waited. Waited. Waited. HERE they are. Open the package, shake out the miracle garment. It’s a warm day so pulling it on is a challenge. Finally it’s up most of the way, seams straightened, and I do that last roll up, the one where the models were all grinning.

It rolled down. Okay maybe I didn’t do it quite right. Pull it down. Pull it back up more carefully, smoothing it all the way.

It rolled. I was too big for the shapewear (and right there is another question…why not shapewear for we who are larger?) All righty. It went back into the package, back to the supplier. I got on the plane, judged a gorgeous collection of Salukis, looking the same as I always had. No one mentioned my size, my shape. I doubt anyone noticed. Except perhaps myself when I looked at the mirrors in the hotel exercise room.


My stage, before judging started

The reality is, we are pretty much never happy with the way we look. We want to be taller, leaner, more rounded, less rounded, straighter hair, curlier hair, older, younger, just different. And this rarely is someone else’s opinion, it’s in our own heads, our own selves.


Winners Bitch, and Reserve. These people didn’t notice I was large. The dogs don’t care

Face it no one can body shame us more than we body shame ourselves. We are all too often our own worst enemy






From now on, let’s concentrate on loving ourselves…sound like a plan?


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