Catching Up…Catching On #MFRWAuthor

Wow, it’s been…far too long since I blogged. And to be honest that last blog was kind of a cheat, but I loved the content.

So much has happened…where to start? Do I talk about the annual trek to the Saluki


set up at Purina

National in Missouri? How I was trying to give the dogs more air in the back of the motor home. If I could just…open…this…window a little bit more. It stuck on something and ended up in safety glass chunks all over the pavement.


Oops. Well at least we had a lot of air for the rest of the trip!


Hmmm I look a bit…travelworn here

We made, of course, there and back again. A rough trip for sure, but always worth it to see friends.



While driving I contemplated what to write in my next blog. Should I talk about song choices for competition? WHO would think it’s right for a TWELVE YEAR OLD to sing about a party girl who wants to stay drunk all night, and swing from chandeliers? Yes a powerful song and no I don’t think children need to sing about teensy spiders. But…really folks?


Rant over? Maybe for now. The days marched on from June (Saluki National) into July which started with people spending money on noise making incendiary devices to irritate those of us who prefer to celebrate our country by…I dunno…reading the Constitution?

I could share the unexpected passing of one of my youngsters. In just a few far too short days He went from feeling okay to time to visit the doctor

Moochie nose March 2014

Silly Moochie

Fucking cancer.


Let’s leave with something marginally more positive

While at the Saluki National we managed a quick photo of those members of the litter all together.

That’s Moochie to the far left. Then Drama Queen, Bouddicca, Fired Dragon, and Faerie Queene with some of those beloved friends I don’t see often enough. Obviously this was after I cleaned up!


And since this is July 21, I’ll share one more special photo….it is our anniversary, after all.Tom Stoner's Family Pictures 050

There, caught up and time to move on.

Hug your pets, take time to talk to your family and friends. Be well.


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3 responses to “Catching Up…Catching On #MFRWAuthor

  1. Yes, a real mixed bag. Agreed about the song.

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  2. A wonderful summary of your last couple of months. Oops to the window falling out – It happened on a mini-bus I was in once. Do you really read the Constitution on the fourth of July? Beautiful dogs.

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    • Hi Nana
      I’ve been known to read the Declaration of Independence, definitely. And sometimes search out historical addendum to get the rest of that story. It was an exciting and intense time for our country


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