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I Did Promise You a Garden #MFRWAuthor

I have visitors coming next week; I should be cleaning house. I’m finally in revision mode; I should be working on A Question of Trust.

Instead, I have been indulging in my garden. Or maybe gardens. I’ve wanted the front to look welcoming instead of abandoned, and I’ve been working on the back garden for a while. Searching for what will grow, what will overwinter. And how to make it all look posh on a very limited budget, with a goal of as much ‘found’ material as possible.


In May 2012, posts in, initial fence attached. Gate installed


Later that year, snow fencing up for a wind/snow break, bottom put in to hold soil


This soil, and here are my first hollyhocks, ummm 2015?


Classing it up with some rock

More ‘found’ material, limestone and other rock, left over from a project at my boss’s (pounded out to lay a foundation) I only choose rock I can carry myself, and I carry only one or two pieces at a time. LOTS of steps and lots of aerobic exercise.

Hmmm, I’m not finding actual garden pictures. I’ll take some more to share. Plus what I did out front, which is very exciting. Why am I writing about this little garden project? Because it didn’t happen overnight. It’s taken five years so far to get to this point. And with the exception of sinking the posts, and building the initial wall I’ve done it all myself. Little steps, a bit more every year. Kinda like writing…one word, one page at a time.

And a bit of sky to share with you.


Just a couple nights ago, maybe July 28? Stormy skies


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