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The Ghosts of Christmas Presents #MFRWAuthor

003.JPGOkay, I admit the holidays this year were a visit to Grinchville for me. I never quite got into the ‘spirit,’ whatever that might be, and for the most part I’ve stayed home and alone during what are supposed to be gathering together times.

Dang, that last sentence was looooong. Anyway, for the most part I really didn’t mind the isolation. I was working through personal issues (Tom was the Christmas person) as well as just getting by. And I saw no need to inflict my black mood on my friends.


I had a message from someone who is one of the most caring and wonderful people I have ever met. She is always doing something for someone else. She admitted she was avoiding her friends during this season since she could not afford to buy presents for all of them.

Really? And, WOW. Wait a minute, was that why I’ve been hiding out from humanity? Hmmmm. Was I worried about not being able to afford numerous great gifts, or was I no longer seeing the need to buy friendships that way?

But…no, I don’t really see it as buying friendships. I see it as finding the perfect gift at the perfect time. If not at the perfect time, then finding those gifts when we can, and sharing the find.

I have spent so many Christmases worrying about not doing enough, not giving enough. Worrying myself sick in advance and fretting that it wasn’t enough afterward.

However, I did find the PERFECT gift for someone, based on a casual conversation about a book he’d had as a child. And someone I don’t see near often enough any more walked up my driveway with a dragon journal and pen…because she knew I’d love it.

And I do. Love it. Love her. Love all my friends, wherever they are. Because it’s not about the gifts, it’s about the people.

Blessings of the season, everyone.




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