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Writers, stay true to your standards. Long night of the literary soul

Be The Water.
Oh, yes. What perfect timing for me while I trudge…no, work…through writing a deeply emotional book, all the while ensuring my grammar is the best I can use. Revel in this, fellow writers. Rub it along your emotions and use it to support your dreams.
Now, I’m back to my book.

Nail Your Novel

3564583787_d0faf36e54_b‘There’s never been a better time to be a writer.’ I’ve seen this mantra frequently over the past few years in blogposts, conference reports and news items. And I don’t disagree there’s been a lot to celebrate.

But from what I see right now, this time is also tougher for authors than ever.

Indie authors feel it in their book sales. Hands up who is in a forum where the chief discussion is ‘what can I do about my dwindling sales?’ ‘Anybody else had a dismal month?’ ‘Should I drop my book’s price, put it on Kindle Unlimited, write something more popular, send out more emails, spend $$$ on a marketing course?’

The traditionally published authors I know are faring little better, with shrinking advances, ill-supported launches – even the authors who have awards to prove their worth.

Last week I was having an email conversation with a wise author…

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OH NOOOO NaNo #NaNoWriMo #MFRWAuthor

Hello, yeah it’s been a while. Not much, how bout you?

Remember that song? It was ‘our’ song, playing when Tom asked me to stay with him for what would be the rest of his life. It’s also one of the most popular mondegrens…misunderstood song lyrics.

I’ve composed a plethora of blogs posts, starting back with Columbus Day and on up until now. Not always the most upbeats posts, but how could you know since they stayed in my head, not on the page. I had a talk with myself about that, and told myself I was gearing up for NaNo. I had a super fun dog event on NOV 1 then I’d be all NaNo all the time. This was going to be such a fantastic book, a sequel to my favorite book, another in the Stormhaven Love Story series. I’ve been working on copious character studies, plot turns, reasons why.

I sit down at the computer. I stand up at the computer. And I get


I did manage to open and name the file: A Question of Trust. And there it sat. Mocking me.

I know the story. Honest, I do. It’s about Ty Randolph’s ex-wife, Lana, who took his horse and truck when she left him. He sure missed that horse! A Question of Honor starts with Sydney Castleton, Lana’s sister, picking up Devin Starke at the Long Beach airport since Devin is going to help her move the horse back to Stormhaven.

The next book, which I sent to Black Opal Books just in time to start this one, is A Question of Faith. I’ll be sharing more about that story soon…honest!

Fortunately the mocking ceased after a couple of days, while I drove around wondering how I was going to redeem Lana, who so far was kind of one dimensional. Why did she leave Ty? Even more important WHY did she marry him. I’d like to say the answers came in a rush of inspiration but I can’t lie that much even if I am a writer. It’s been a slow trip on a bumpy road but we’re getting there.

And it’s not just me, I’d like to say. A fellow Blog Challenge author is giving us the same lament! I’m Pouring My Art Out very funny guy with a really funny blog.

And it’s raining here….guess I won’t be going out with the dogs. Guess I’ll be staying home, swilling coffee, and writing.

Have a great Sunday, and remember beauty is everywhere, we just have to open our eyes and see it.



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