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Immersed in the Details #MFRWAuthor

I did not grow up on Leonard Cohen. I mention this since he is apparently 81 today, and many people have indulged themselves in his music for decades. The first time I heard a Cohen song was on West Wing, when Mark Harmon’s Secret Service character is stupidly killed in a convenience story robbery. An incredible song comes up in the background and I’m hooked. What IS that song?

I heard it again during the Canadian Olympics.What WAS that song?

Oh. Hallelujah. And I started listening to that song song by so many artists, in so many iterations. Including by Mr. Cohen himself. And still, I had more to discover. This man is a Romantic in every sense. Forget hard muscled cover models. Just turn down the lights, grab your beverage of choice, and listen to this.

Oh. Oh, my, yes. I’m not quite sure why exactly the horses are there but they work for me.

I had no idea Leonard Cohen was involved with The Scent of a Woman…hey, I was wrapped up in dogs and horses and just plain life. Because of that, look at how much fun I’m having in discovery. This time I watched instead of just listened. Because Al Pacino brought mastery to every detail of his dance. You have no doubt this man is blind as he draws you into the dance. His hand on her back is formally sideways, until the touch becomes more intimate, palm flat on her back. Performing an intimate dance in a public setting.

And just to round out a romantic evening


If you hang around, you’ll get the Shrek version!

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