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Beauty…It’s All Around Us #MFRWAuthor

OH NO I'm in an airplane

OH NO I’m in an airplane

This last weekend was spent traveling without dogs, to a meeting in New Jersey. Which means, yes, flying. There are very few direct flights from Albuquerque, so I also got to visit a multitude of airports and eat in new restaurants. Expensive, but I have to say airport food has improved immensely in many locations. Too bad I never change planes in Albuquerque since there are some yummy places to eat.

I was on my last leg, Denver to home, after a somewhat rough flight out of Newark. Not a long walk to my gate, although airports do have great opportunities to pile on those steps. What else are we going to do while waiting to line up to board? 027BTW, it’s 100 steps around the terminal circles in Newark; If you use the outer edge of the circle it’s more like 125.

My thoughts were mainly focused on being home with my ‘lukis when I realized this particular wing of the Denver airport faced west, and the sun was setting.

I backed up to get just the right light and grumbled at myself for not bringing my camera. Because it just got prettier.

030Excited by this generous display of nature’s majesty, I showed the picture to the person sitting at the podium.

“That’s pretty,” she said while checking herself in her compact mirror. “Where is it?”

Ummm, well…out THERE???

Beauty is all around us, we just need to open our eyes and our hearts.035

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