A Bit of Jocularity…Seriously

When my post with Peter, Paul, and Mary published, a friend in Kansas called to share a bit of trivia.

It seems her family reunions in HOLYROOD, KS from time to time. The last census shows Holyrood has a population of 447. Right, 447, no commas, no zeros. I bet it would be pretty hard for anyone to prank here since everyone would know everyone else and what they’d been up to.

Lebanon KS is the accepted geographic center of the contiguous United States; Holyrood is due south about two hours.

Although mildly interesting, none of this has anything to do with my friend’s telephone call.

It seems Holyrood, population 447, has three churches. One is Catholic, one is Lutheran, one is United Church of Christ.

The Lutheran Church is St Peter Lutheran Church

Or you can visit St Paul‘s United Church of Christ

The Catholic church is St Mary‘s Catholic Parish House

Think I’m joshing? HERE check it out for yourself.

Yes, truth can be stranger than anything you can make up. My friend suggested I put this in a book…but who would believe me?

In appreciation for you staying to the end: Classic Peter, Paul, and Mary.

Peace and love


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