R.I.P. Lesley Gore

Along with all those male dominant/silly female songs, there was this wonderful message (1964)

We need more of this now. We need for every girl put down ‘out of love’ to stand up and walk out.

We need more of this, chosen by the UN for their 1975 Year of the Woman

Just…don’t read the comments. They’ll just make you bang your head on the desk. Notice, too…we can actually understand her words??

Peace and Love, Lesley Gorefor blog


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2 responses to “R.I.P. Lesley Gore

  1. “You don’t own me” was such a powerful song. “I am woman” became an anthem, but it’s a shame YDOM was largely forgotten – by me, too, although now I’m reminded, I know the words. Such a great counter to FSoG. Thanks for sharing.


  2. to be totally honest YDOM had slipped out of my mind until someone reminded me in FSoG comments. Sure Lesley Gore also had some bubblegum song hits but this one was, as you say, powerful. Partially because she’s not strident, just stating facts


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