Back to that Perception Thing Again #MFRWAuthor

I was hanging out at Marketing For Romance Writers earlier today, talking about how to make it easier for people to help support your books: MFRW Blog.

This could have satisfied my commitment to daily blogging but as I might have mentioned I can be a competitive sort. Plus earlier today someone mentioned a Waffle House Valentine’s Day Flowers, chocolates and dinners end up costing a lot of money on Valentine

offer, pointing out this would be a date FAIL. Maybe, for some people. Research shows me Waffle House has been offering a candle lit Valentine’s meal for six years and those who attend really enjoy it. Which stands to reason: would they be attending if they didn’t like it…and would a national corporation continue with an unsuccessful offering?

The silly remarks on that Facebook post had me thinking about how tastes differ. Maybe even how some of us can be judgmental (moi? Unfortunately, yes) For some people, McDonald’s is a luxury…and sadly the dumpsters behind restaurants serve as the only source of dinner for far too many people. For New Year’s Eve I mused a bit on perspectives: NYE Perspectives from an artistic point of view. This is another take on perspectives: One man’s trash???

Where will you be spending your Valentine’s dinner?


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6 responses to “Back to that Perception Thing Again #MFRWAuthor

  1. My mother is visiting so the husband and I will be sat around a candle lit table with my mother. For some reason the husband is not looking forward to it…


  2. Is this a long term visit or just for V-Day?


  3. Great post. Great points. Fast food places may be the best some have ever visited.


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