Low Carb: Easy, Yummy, Cheap

Bet that last word caught your eye. It would certainly catch mine since there never seems to be enough money left at the end of the month. For a number of reasons, I mostly cook for myself, and I refuse to succumb to Easy, Cheap, and Processed.

One store bought chicken carcass, frozen; one home baked carcass, frozen

One store bought chicken carcass, frozen; one home baked carcass, frozen

I will buy those rotisserie chickens. Love them hot, love them added to other meals, but after awhile I have chicken left when I don’t much want to see it for a while. At this point I stuff it in the freezer. I do the same with any chicken I roast myself. Once I have three or four, I dig out my trusty large crock pot and stuff all those chickens in together. crock for a while on high. When you’ve sucked as much goodness out of those bones as you can, let it cool until you can take all the meat off the bones. Toss the bones, at this point there’s not much good left to get out of them. If you have dogs you might want to bundle them up in a bag and stuff them back into the refrigerator until trash day. Just in case.

At this point I start adding vegetables in huge quantities. Bok Choy, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Onions…if it’s in the refrigerator I add it in. Garlic too, of course as well as Parsley and any other herb that’s looking for a nice warm bath.

Cook a while longer. You might make the Low Carb Biscuits  I mentioned last month. Or you might have your own decadent biscuit or cornbread recipe. I like to make enough soup to freeze some for later and also share some with friends who don’t cook much. It’s all good.

And Cheap.

And Yummy.

Winter Sunset New Mexico

Winter Sunset New Mexico


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  1. Tena

    Oooh. Good idea. I, too, have bags full of chicken parts and pieces in my freezer. I’ve been meaning to haul them out, but haven’t felt like standing in front of the stove – completely forgot about my CrockPot!


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