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Together at the End of All Things #YourTurnChallenge

Day 7: What are you taking with you from this Challenge?

Here we are all together at the end of all things. At least the end of seven solid days of sharing our thoughts and our souls with the world. I’ve met people I would never have encountered otherwise. I’m taking away a new appreciation for the writing of some people I’ve never met before this, as well as for my own writing. I’ve gathered more followers to the blog, which was getting a bit lonely
I’ve dug deep into my personal belief system and found the courage to speak out about things that bother me, no matter how trivial or disturbing they might seem to anyone else.
I’m spending more time enjoying the gift that is my life. Walking around even more with the dogs, which makes all of us happier.
Have I shipped other than the blogs? Yes. I contacted my editor with a prologue and a blurb on a book that I’d let languish at about 80% done. She’s sending a contract. I’ve been avoiding taking any contracts until the book is done since I no longer had faith in myself to finish. That faith is coming back. I’m taking the stool away from my writing set up and standing to write. Turmeric has become a part of the daily routine for me and the Salukis.
I have not moved away from my enjoyment of the ironic. Check out that You Tube of Frodo and Sam at Mount Doom. You might notice Frodo’s face changing from one clip to another…covered in sweat and a second later only a mark on his cheek, a humorous bit of a continuity issue. I’d say it was the end of Lord of the Rings except the movie dragged on and on and on afterwards. Same as the book, for that matter. Maybe Tolkien wanted us to stay in Middle Earth with him just a little bit longer.
I’d like to stay with everyone who has shared this seven days with me, but it’s time for all of us to move forward. Maybe one day we’ll meet in person but in the meantime, tomorrow I’ll be sharing the MOST amazing low carb dessert.
Until then.


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