Grow Old Along With Me

This weekend, I did not write. I did not edit. Yes I have projects in progress. I’m coming to the end of the first draft of an extremely difficult story. I’ve been moving the intimate scenes around with a “note to self: insert hot love scene” and then moving on. Feeling kind of stupid about it but just kept moving forward and now it’s % done, at least in first draft. Except for those insert scenes. Because I’ve gotten to the end I now know WHY my Jess is there in Willow Springs and it’s not at all why I originally thought she’d was drawn back…go figure.

I’m editing that story about the mercenary’s daughter and the PTSD ranch in Northern New Mexico, and trying to decide if I’m going to combine these stories. But I didn’t edit.

Instead, I took Fire Dragon to an Agility match yesterday, and his brother Moochie to a conformation match today. Another Saluki person at the conformation mentioned how difficult it was to maintain a positive attitude about showing since we don’t win a lot with our more old fashioned dogs. I pointed out to her just showing my own dogs as I approach 64 is a win. She laughed, and had to agree.

Then tonight I learned my veterinarian who lives at the end of my lane died while checking out an ultra light plane in another state, and I realized how very true that statement had been. We are not all allowed the luxury of growing old. Yes, he died doing what he loved but dammit 67 is too young. Far too young.

If there’s someone you haven’t talked to lately, give them a call. And don’t forget to tell people you love them. Because we just don’t know, do we.

Hugs from the high plains. Love you. And yeah tomorrow I’m back writing

BICHOK y’all

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  1. It’s a bittersweet age I think. But also rich and filled with opportunity. Happy to grow old with you, it will be a pleasure.


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