It’s Not Always That Easy

At the recent LERA meeting (Land of Enchantment Romance Authors) Darynda Jones  was talking about dynamite openings…and who would know better? Somewhere along the way, as so often happens in our meetings, the talk turned to writing in general, in particular WRITING as a get ‘er done effort.

Celeste Bradley had some dynamite suggestions, including just writing a hundred words or maybe just fifty and letting yourself stop. More important she advised us to treat our writing like a job that needs to be done but also treat ourselves well.

Jeffe Kennedy and Robin Perini added more along the same lines.

Am I name dropping? No…well kind of. Except these remarkable writers were all in the room, and they are all LERA members. Along with a greater wealth of award winning multi published authors I haven’t named. Check out the LERA page… pretty cool, huh? Could be intimidating also since the sheer volume of talent in the room can overwhelm.

At one time or another all of them have had doubts, worries, blocks. One way or another they’ve all come through to the heights they have achieved. And they all agree on one thing.

It’s not that easy. But it is so worth the journey.


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