Today is MY Day

Yeah, I’ve been kind of AWOL. I’ve thought about a lot of things to share with you but the words don’t hit the page! The Saluki and dog world part of my life has been in ascendance  for the past few months and it’s going to take front stage for a while longer. But that doesn’t mean I can’t share the dogs with you as well as the books, does it?

Many of you know I chose a low carb lifestyle after Tom died in 2012, and it’s been so good for me. Someone on one of the wonderful low carb support groups posted this song (new to me) that has helped her keep moving forward when the rest of the world is having donuts for breakfast:

How perfect is this for all of us: Writers, Dog People, those struggling with Low Carb? Especially this line: “Don’t expect more or less, just go out and give it your best”

This is a short blog, getting me back into the swing, and sharing tonight’s dinner of ‘mac’ and cheese, with the ‘mac’ part (of course) cauliflower. The initial recipe is here: Cauliflower Mac and Cheese, giving you comfort food and veggies in one dish. I’m just cooking for myself and I’ve found a 12 ounce bag of frozen cauliflower is more than sufficient for several meals. So I played with this a bit, reduced the extra ingredients, tossed the frozen cauli into the microwave while I was heating up the cream and cheeses…yeah, cheeses, I raided all those partial bits of cheese in the drawer, and decided to substitute Brie for the cream cheese (I’m thinking in terms of a low carb cheese cake for me and friends, so I want to hold on to the cream cheese, plus the Brie had been in the drawer for a while) Of course I added chopped green chilies! Unfortunately I was too hungry to stop for pictures, but here it is with a serving (or so) removed: 081

Was it good? Well heck yeah! Would I recommend it for people on low carb? You bet, and also people who just want ‘better’ comfort food.

We’re gearing up for the Saluki National in June, at Purina Farms. Yes, I’m entered. In fact I’m going to debut the Fire Dragon in Agility…and now I have something else to tell you about, next blog.

Happy yummies!



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6 responses to “Today is MY Day

  1. Hi Mona, I’m so pleased to know you’re doing well on low carb , busy and happy with the gaggle of dogs. I’ve been on a gluten free lactose free diet for forty five years and am healthy, not too wise but still getting along. Writing is my constant. I included a Saluki in She Didn’t Say No, my last long/short story. Lots of animals in this, one of my favorite books.
    Best to you,

    Charmaine Gordon
    “It isn’t over ’til it’s over”


  2. Sarah

    I’m so glad you liked the song I posted, I think it fits us to a T. I love it and it really helps motivate me. If only Shania Twain knew how much that song has helped motivate so many! 😉 I’ve used it in so many other areas of my life! Keep on Keepin on!


    • Sarah thank you SO MUCH for introducing me to this song…I’ve been remote from so much the last few years! This song applies to our way of eating yes but also to my writing, to the dogs, and to just waking up in the morning AWAKE


  3. Good luck at the national specialty!


  4. Nice post, Mon. I do the cauliflower cheese thing quite often. I mix in fine chopped ones and a few slices of shaved, triple smoked ham (cut up small). Just another variation. And good luck with the dog shows.


  5. The recipe that reminded me about cauli mac and cheese included bacon and chicken. Mmmmm


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