Rainy Days, NaNo…(gulp) Plotting, and Yummies

This was going to be a Friday post but WordPress is arguing with  me about uploading photos. You’ll have to use your imagination with the creamy tart…I already ate it! Here’s a picture of Faerie Queene, AKA Biddie, for you to enjoy. For some reason she uploaded just fine.

Faerie Queene

Faerie Queene

Rain is always welcome at el Rancho Stoner (trying out names for the property, DragonStone is also a possibility). I’ll be going into work soon but while I’m here I’ve been playing with this incredible Pumpkin/Cream Cheese recipe. Originally a muffin, I’ve tried it as a mini muffin and now as small loaf cakes plus a sort of creamy tart. We’ll see how it turns out.

Yeah, plotting. I’m going to swing into NaNo again this year and in preparation decided to put myself to the test of a Smack Down with Savvy Authors . An intensive week of synopsis, beat sheet, review, critique, brainstorm, synopsis, beat sheet, critique. All so this year I go into NaNo prepared. Unlike the time I got to 10,000 words and realized I really didn’t know what happened next, and my muse was blowing me raspberries. Last time I succeeded in reaching 50,000 words the resulting story races across country, adds in and loses characters, and changes themes mid stream. Not much of a cohesive story but what a ride!

The story I will be working on loosely follows Teach Me To Forget, telling about the environmental consultant who had been helped by a woman’s shelter Bethany wrote about. My original story line was a bit (WAY) too grim for anything but a … story. I’ve lightened it up some. Awful things happened in her past but I don’t need to top Bethany’s emotional damage. Or do I? Hmmm

And I’m working on a sort of Christmas present for my reading friends, particularly those whose lives intertwine with dogs. The heroine is the clever woman with Irish Setters in Floogle. And I realized I didn’t have a name for her. Any suggestions?

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