Time Changes and Worthy Causes

One of the unmistakable signs of Autumn is the difference in the length of the days. Seems like one day I’m waking before the 6AM alarm to a bright window, the next day I’m in the dark. Unfortunately the dogs’ aren’t regulated by changing seasons. They know I’m swimming up to consciousness by 6, and they start letting me know they want to check out the yard. What happened last night? Any chance to chase ravens from the fields? Not much chance for rabbits, those little varmints hear the door start to open and they are GONE.

Come next month we’ll be participating in the irritation that is Falling Back. My alarm will be set for 6 which actually will be 7. In theory I’d get more sleep. In reality, the Salukis know WHEN it is no matter what the government might say. So I’ll be getting up the same in real time, and have an extra hour to stumble around in the dark. You’ve probably all seen the Indian quote: Only a government would think cutting an inch from one end of the blanket and sewing it to the other makes the blanket be longer. Not being as much a slave to the clock as I am to the dogs and the sun, time changes only impact my mood when I have to be somewhere at a specific time, especially the Sunday after falling down…oops, back. Since that’s the day AFTER Enchanting the Page the wonderful LERA conference, the world is safe from my time change induced crabbiness. By the way LERA still has a few spots open if you want to enjoy a great conference as well as New Mexico Autumn. I might even find roasting green chiles for you to decide on your own if they smell like marijuana.

I recently found myself part of a very worthy cause: raising funds to ensure everyone, everywhere, has clean water. I participated in an Anthology with a raft of extremely talented writers, including some wonderful poets. The book is available free, with a request for donations to WaterAid

Smashwords just posted a wonderful review (happy dancing here) For my contribution: “Prime Directive by Mona Karel appealed to the Trekkie in me. Almost Bradbury-like science fiction with shades of The Man Who Fell To Earth in a plot about ecological balance and alien intervention.” If that’s not worthy a couple of squealy moments, I don’t know what is, especially since short is not my chosen field.

Since we’re facing longer evenings and less time outdoors, now would be a great time to download and enjoy this offering. For me, New Mexico is offering a brief blast of warmth before we’re covered in a blanket of that white stuff. But I’m diligently working on new stories to share.

Happy Autumn everyone.


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  1. Thanks for sharing a snippet of your life. In Australia, the states with the most sun steadfastly refuse to accept daylight. The time zones become very odd over here around this time of year. And that’s a very nice review – well done.


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