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Sneaking a Peek at when Gabriel Meets Clair

SET UP:  Gabriel is Mykhael’s half brother. In My Killer My Love he attempted to destroy an ancient sacred area, and was defeated by Kendra and Mykhael. Turns out he was influenced by some very nasty Atrahasis. He’s been given a chance to redeem himself by working among humans until he learns humility. It might be a long, long time. This is the first draft, which is mostly dialogue

“I do not have the strength to touch you without further action, could you please fasten your garment again?”

“You’re stopping?” Her gaze drifted down his front to where he was obviously aroused. “You want me…”

“Until my manly appendage is about to explode.”

“Your what?”

“I saw the phrase in one of your books…you don’t think of it in those words? The others seemed too crude”

“It’s a penis. Or a cock. Or a Mighty Wang of Power. A love handle. Take your pick”


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