Triberr is in some ways the final stop on our journey to better self promotion.  It’s also one of the niftiest ways to help ourselves and each other build our platforms. The real beauty of Triberr is the ease of operation. Once you’re set up, it’s mostly a matter of stopping by to help your fellow tribe mates into the Twitter stream.

Step one is your blog which you’ve written to be not too long, of general interest, and interesting enough to grab people’s attention.  Step two is your participation in Twitter , which you can use as a route to Triberr and also as a networking aid all on its own.  Step three is Triberr, where your blog, which has been linked to Twitter, will now be forwarded by as many people who know people who know people on Triberr.


Which means what, you’re no doubt wondering.  Well, I have today 1,357 Twitter users following me, or at least they have me in their “follow” section. A fair number of people but not really enough to help much with sales or promotion. Through Triberr, and my nine tribes and 128 tribe mates, my “reach” is now 289,399 potential readers.  Kind of impressive, don’t you think? Especially considering four of those tribes have the same six people (which happens as you’re building your tribes.)

So now, instead of having to publish all over Facebook and my discussion groups “Hey, look, I did a BLOG,” all I have to do is let my blog publish into Twitter, and through Twitter to my Triberr stream, where if I want I can spiffy up the title a bit more, and it will be moved “upstream” through the efforts of my tribe mates, whose blogs I push upstream when I visit once or twice a day.

Winter’s coming, time to hunker down and write

To be a good tribe mate, you do need to visit at least once every couple days and once a day is better.  You sign in, then go to “Tribal Stream” and approve blogs from your tribe mates.  You have the option not to approve if for some reason you don’t agree with the subject matter, but in general the bloggers who have made the effort to link to Triberr through Twitter write well enough you generally don’t have to worry.

Through Triberr I’ve found blogs I would never normally have found and it seems others have the same experience since I’m getting new followers every week, many of whose names are totally new to me.  The best tribes have rules about what you should write, how you should format your titles, and how often you should help promote. For example, once this blog shows up in “my posts” I’ll be changing the title to ‘Mona Reveals Triberr Secrets’ then I’ll add some hashtags like #writing #Triberr and maybe #romance, since that is what Mona writes.

To the question of, is Triberr worth setting up, then following arbitrary rules? I’d have to say absolutely yes, Triberr is more than worth the time and effort to get set up, and to spend a little time every day helping others who are helping you.

On future Mondays I’ll be sharing some of the great blogs I come across or maybe information I’ve picked up along the way. And I’ll be fleshing out some of the information I’ve shared so far as I learn more.  If anyone has any blogs they’d like to reference please do.  Even though I spend far more time than I should reading blogs I never find all the good ones.  With Winter coming up awfully fast we’re all going to be needing more to read.

I’d hoped to have a link here to the Black Opal Books Author Blog, where I reveal how I ended up with a writing alter ego but it’s not up yet so I’ll do that another time.


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13 responses to “So…Triberr

  1. Well said. And I would like to offer two articles I wrote that might help people looking to create their own blogs. I used to work in IT, on some very large web sites, so I know of what I speak. For both these articles, do also read the comments. and


  2. Greta, thanks for the links! I bet they’ll be a huge help. Plus I can figure out how to build that fantasy better website for myself!


  3. Hi Mona,

    Thnx so much for writing about us 🙂

    If you have any questions or need help with Triberr, Im here to help 🙂

    Founder of Triberr


    • Thanks for the offer, I just might! I’m pretty new at a lot of this, I just want to help others along the way. And hey, if you’d ever like to use my blog to help spread an announcement, I won’t even “charge” you the usual cost of admission…a recipe for something super yummy


  4. Thanks for the lead, Mona. You’re right. Networking has the power to change lives.


  5. What do you mean – spiffy up your blog title – why change your title?


    • Change the title so it contains my name when it goes out to Triberr. Otherwise it’s just another random marketing post


    • Hi Deryl,

      You dont have to “spiffy” things up, but it’s certainly not a bad idea. I usually shoot for a strong title/headline from the get-go, so there’s usually no need for further spiffiness.

      However, my tribemates can modify my headline before the post leaves their stream. And I certainly appreciate it when they do.


      • Your tribemates obviously don’t get as cranky as mine can! I wouldn’t ask them to do something I should take care of myself. I just wouldn’t title my blog post with my name (seems kind of redundant when it’s on my blog) but I would want to identify it easily as MY blog post when it starts into the stream. So when it shows up in “my posts” I make those adjustments and may I say I appreciate that opportunity!


      • Hi Mona,

        Im not sure what you mean. Triberr ads “via @author_name” to every share, so your name is added automagically. Is that somehow not the case for you?


  6. Yes it does, which I noticed after days of adding people’s names! And automagically is a great term. If I were enamored of my original title I might let the @ be my identifier, but would still be adding ### after. When it’s something like “six sentence Sunday” or “So…Triberr” then a bit more of a punch helps. But that’s my own take on it, formed by the advice of some of the tribal leaders. And it made enough sense to me to follow.
    And I really need to thank you for setting up this great sharing tool…not meant as a suck up statement!


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