Small Indulgences

I’m traveling again, which I didn’t do much of the last year while Tom was ill, and while trying to put my life back in order since his death.  Part of that putting back in order means getting back to my old routine, or starting a new

In “real people” clothes

one.  Which means getting to the quarterly American Kennel Club Delegate meetings, since I represent the Saluki Club of America.  And I’m remembering the little things that make travel just a little bit easier either with the airlines or at certain airports.

Tom used to do the airport taxi service, even though I would point out a few days parking were no more expensive than the gas driving to and from, not to mention less taxing for him.  Nope, he was going to drive me and pick me up.  And I miss that.  I’ve tried using the parking close to the airport, and found it’s pricey (though nothing compared to, say, LAX!) And not really convenient. There are numerous parking businesses in and around the Sunport, all of which pick you up at or near your vehicle and drop you back at the same location for about half the daily cost of airport parking.  Hmmm, not such an indulgence after all.

In spite of the fact most airlines use the same planes, there are small to huge differences in seating and I mean that literally.  When I was larger the seat width was a crucial factor in choosing airlines, and also the attitude of the crew concerning my request for extenders.  Yeah, I used those at one time and I have to say not needing one is a huge wow factor to losing weight.

Along that same thread, bathrooms in the newer or remodeled airports now have stall doors opening out.  So someone has been listening to my constant bitching while trying to maneuver a bulging briefcase and overstuffed wheelie bag into one of those midget proportioned stalls, nearly sitting on the toilet to get the door closed. I stuff less in my bags, use my laptop to carry notes and information, read from my Kindle.  But I still so much appreciate the extra space of doors opening out.  I hope this arrangement hits all airports soon.  What I do not find attractive are automatic flushing toilets.  I understand the need but having water gush up at me when I’m sitting in a vulnerable position is not all that much fun.

Even though the alcohol prices on planes are ridiculous I will occasionally indulge in a drink which is how I discovered Finlandia vodka.  Not sure if that was a good thing since it’s been nigh on impossible to locate since then, at least not where I normally shop.  I have found some cheapie vodka to use for vanilla extract but not even for drinking.  I wasn’t much of a vodka person before Finlandia but I could lean that way with not much of a nudge.  Then again I need to *sigh* watch those darned carbs!

Dallas airport had a restaurant kiosk with a really nice chicken Caesar salad though I’m not much for the dressing and I’m sure the chicken’s more processed than I normally eat.  But it was crisp and fresh and within both my food and diet budget.  Sadly, it’s no longer in A terminal food court.  So on this trip I wandered down to the Chinese food vendor.  Can’t beat Kung Pao Chicken and garlic green beans. No rice, no noodles.  Yum.

Seems strange to keep talking about food when I’m supposed to be changing my lifestyle.  Which I have, with positive results.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think about food, even have occasional fantasies.  But the fantasies now are more about chicken baked with crispy skin and a salad with ranch dressing.  A step in the right direction.  And a small indulgence.

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