Accomplish Something

Sometimes life can be pretty overwhelming.  It’s felt that way for me a few times lately, and I’ve had to remind myself to break down the big scary jobs into smaller bites.  I need to be getting ready for the Saluki National, plus continue with catching up on a year’s worth of house cleaning, not to mention working on my next book.  But I can’t do it all at once and often end up doing none of it.

So many choices.  Should I do the dishes??

Put away the folded laundry?


Send off a blog to Liv Rancourt?  Okay, that one was easy, since it was already  mostly written thanks to a post from my late husband’s cousin.  Liv’s awesome blog  After you read through my ramblings on how our romance books are perceived, check out Liv’s Team Sophia.  What a wonderful thing you’re doing, Liv.

My muse is giving me the finger, so writing doesn’t seem to be in the cards.  Maybe later.



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6 responses to “Accomplish Something

  1. Putting the folded laundry away is easy. So is washing the dishes. And while you’re doing that, you can think about the next opus. Trust me, it works. And if you want, you can call it multi-tasking.


    • I know it’s all easy, but it just kind of sits there sometimes when my attention is grabbed by something else–a new recipe, something else to photograph, or another book to read. So many choices, so little time


  2. Left-Brained Business for Write-Brained People

    I agree. If I just did the “easy” “fifteen minute” things I need to do each day, I’d probably need 28 hours in a day. The little stuff is overwhelming sometimes.



  3. Rachel

    Thank you for your blog on the olympics – spooky timing my writing always takes off with gusto and loses the plot very quickly and getting into bed tonight i asked myself why am I doing this to myself. Arhh writing is hard – feeling completely depressed i checked my email on my phone and read your posting. Its clear I need to learn more about the craft 🙂 thanks again


    • Rachel, thanks for the comment. I have been writing “seriously” since 1985, when I acquired a beat up old portable typewriter and a job where I wasn’t beat down tired every night. I’ve attended lectures and seminars and classes and workshops and…phew! I’m learning even more now after being published about how I can write better.
      We’re so fortunate now to have on line classes, and the huge support system but it still comes down to bottom in chair, fingers on keys.
      Stay in touch!


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