Daily Archives: May 26, 2012

Accomplish Something

Sometimes life can be pretty overwhelming.  It’s felt that way for me a few times lately, and I’ve had to remind myself to break down the big scary jobs into smaller bites.  I need to be getting ready for the Saluki National, plus continue with catching up on a year’s worth of house cleaning, not to mention working on my next book.  But I can’t do it all at once and often end up doing none of it.

So many choices.  Should I do the dishes??

Put away the folded laundry?


Send off a blog to Liv Rancourt?  Okay, that one was easy, since it was already  mostly written thanks to a post from my late husband’s cousin.  Liv’s awesome blog  After you read through my ramblings on how our romance books are perceived, check out Liv’s Team Sophia.  What a wonderful thing you’re doing, Liv.

My muse is giving me the finger, so writing doesn’t seem to be in the cards.  Maybe later.



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